Hi! My name is Elle Johnson, an expert travel blogger that loves to explore Germany. As a passionate traveler, I’m always on the hunt for the most beautiful corners of this country.

Sometimes I go hiking in the mountains, sometimes sleeping in a tent, or in a 5 stars hotel, sometimes I go on last-minute trips, sometimes planned long in advance, sometimes on city breaks, sometimes I just have fun in the snow. Sometimes I go on a boat trip, sometimes criss-crossing Germany by train, sometimes I get in the car and off I go for more adventures through Germany.

I am…

… a friend of (bad) puns.
… a TV child and movie lover.
… always curious about what else is out there.
… always ready to hop on a train in search for my next adventure
… in love with blogging.
… actually quite funny, as long as I’m not hungry.

Why I became a travel blogger?

You get to know new people (acquaintances, work colleagues, partners) and one of the first questions is often “What do you do in your free time?” or “What do you do when you’re not working?” And one of my most common answers was and is as good as always: “Traveling through Germany!”

So it was pretty obvious to launch a travel blog about Germany, give it a halfway cool name and start as a travel blogger (or as it now called – a publisher, content creator). Above all, I want to show you how great Germany is.

A bit crazy and incredibly spontaneous. I am a traveler, with my heart in the right place, reluctant to leave the house without writing about it. Everything I need on my travels and in life fits into a small backpack. Very important: coffee, chocolate, charged batteries, and a notepad! These are the best conditions for new adventurous stories!

Only in Germany is a site for travelers, adventurers, globetrotters, travel enthusiasts and individualists. I report on my trip around the world, my adventures, experiences and impressions. I provide tips and information about the various destinations. Join me on my exciting journey across Germany and discover the coolest places and travel destinations with me.

My dreams

I want to be more than just “be”. I want to test myself, see what life has in store for me, want to give life, opportunities and my ideas space to develop.

Where will this lead? I do not know it! I have learned to trust myself and life. I want to put my ideas into practice and keep learning new things. Want to inspire other people. I would like to show how an “I can’t do it” can become “I’ll try it, I’m excited about the result and the experiences”.