72 Coolest Adventure Playgrounds in Germany for Families

Let me tell you about some awesome adventure playgrounds in Germany that go beyond just swings, slides, and sandpits! These playgrounds often have climbing elements and offer opportunities for kids to build things, which makes it a little everyday adventure for you and a ton of fun for your kids. 

I’ve done some searching and found the best adventure playgrounds in Germany, so I can introduce them to you. Plus, we’ve got some tips on how to find some great playgrounds near you.  

While it’s perfectly fine to visit the same playground all the time, we all love a little variety and kids are no exception. Some kids feel more secure when they’re familiar with a particular playground, but others want to explore and try out new things. That’s where adventure playgrounds come in!  

So, what exactly is an adventure playground? 

Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all definition because they come in many different forms. In cities where space is limited and urban planners haven’t quite figured out that kids need to play, adventure playgrounds offer unique opportunities to climb and run around.  

When it comes to adventure playgrounds in the forest, parents are often asked to join in the fun. Kids can zip through the air and climb to the top, but they might need your support at times. Construction playgrounds allow kids to help out and explore their creative side. And some adventure playgrounds even have farms where kids can learn about life on the farm and pet animals.

7 great adventure playgrounds in Baden-Württemberg

69115 Heidelberg, Fehrenzstraße 6: In addition to conventional play equipment, the square near the Neckar also offers large stones for climbing and water features in summer.

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69190 Walldorf, Wilde Wiese, Zum Brühl 32: Climbing devices, water features and a nest swing invite you to romp and small kickers have goals to play football.

70376 Stuttgart, Mauga Nescht, Hartensteinstraße 12: This adventure playground has a lot to offer for children up to 14 years: playhouse, animals, oven and fireplace, garden and bicycle workshop – children can tackle and try out a lot.

70469 Stuttgart -Feuerbach, Höhenpark Killesberg, Rolandstraße: Families easily spend a whole day, because in addition to climbing walls and devices, trampoline, various swings and a cable car, there is also a small zoo, café and restaurant as well as a outdoor pool!

74889 Sinsheim, Alla Hopp, Postgarten: A facility whose goal is to encourage generations to move. That is why parts of the adventure playground can also be used for older semesters.

76275 Ettlingen, Horbachpark, Marktplatz 2: The large park with its extensive terrain is ideal for everyone who likes to go for a walk. In addition to an adventure playground for children and water games, there is also a course for parents who want to test their fitness. The trip with the whole family is worth it.

78467 Konstanz, Melina and Gisell, Karlsruher Str. 11: Modern playground with climbing wall, cable car, water feature. There is plenty of space for romping and both larger and smaller children find attractive offers here. In winter you can slide, otherwise borrow footballs, bicycles and scooters.

5 ingenious adventure playgrounds in Bavaria

81735 Munich, Adventure playground Maulwelshausen, Albert-Schweitzer-Straße 24: Children can build on their own city on this adventure and construction playground. They are supervised by experienced educators so that fathers and mothers can also withdraw into the parents’ area. Of course, it can also be played to your heart’s content: nest swing, table tennis slabs and play house are just a few of the offers.

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82024 Taufkirchen, sports and leisure park, Köglweg 99b: climbing wall, climbing ship, long slides, rocking and rocking as well as for the little ones a fermentation area- all kids get their money’s worth in this well-kept complex.

82494 Krün, rafting playground, Isarauenstraße 3: Pack the rubber boots – water features and mud systems delight all children who would like to really take a look. But that is – fortunately – not everything, because climbing wall, nest swing, cable car and much more promise many exciting hours. The little ones were also considered because there is even a baby swing.

86899 Landsberg am Lech, multi -generation park, Spitalfeldstraße 15: cable pyramid, trampoline brass, sand excavators and many devices for kids, but also offers, the older or the whole family address: table tennis, boulesplace, mobility trainer and numerous training equipment.

91710 Grunzenhausen, Marktplatz 25, forest: climbing towers with suspension bridge and slides, turntable and balancing devices – it doesn’t get bored here so quickly. Small children particularly love the water features and the artificial stream. Because of the nearby Altmühlsee, a nice destination for the whole family.

7 Alternative adventure playgrounds in Berlin

10405 Berlin, Kolle 37, Kollwitzstraße 35: A construction playground for children between 6 and 16 years. The children can build, tinker, climb, try them out. The focus is on opportunities for all senses. You can take a stroll through the city in time, because here it says: staying parents outside. Pedagogues take care of your offspring.

10437 Berlin, Moritzhof youth farm, Schwedter Straße 90: No adventure playground in the classic sense, the farm on which educators take care of the children, among other things. Afternoon care for children from 6 to 16 years. Children mainly take care of the animals and the garden as well as the processing of their fruits. The offer is open to everyone interested.

10555 Berlin, Ottopark, Alt-Moabit: A huge facility that includes several versatile playgrounds and is looked after by educators. A pirate ship and other climbing devices are very popular. You can also borrow play equipment.

12459 Berlin, adventure playground Fez, calibration frame: very good selection of devices, climbing devices, cable car and a particularly long and fast slide are a magnet for the kids. The location in the middle of the FEZ family center offers something exciting for everyone.

12685 Berlin, Gardens of the World, Blumberger Damm 44: “Konrad in the South Pacific”- that is the name of the game landscape in the gardens of the world, which is based on Erich Kästner’s children’s novel “May 35”. There is a climbing whale, a water forest, a giant hammock. If that is not enough for you, on the site of the “Gardens of the World” there is still the playground “Konrad in the tree tops” and the game landscape “Elektropolis”.

13407 Berlin, climbing playground Berlin rope factory, Hochholzergraben: versatile climbing playground with low ropes, cable pyramid as well as slides and swings.

14089 Berlin, Räuberland Adventure playground, Runebergweg 32: With a view to the Havel, you can slide, climb and swing what it takes. Particularly popular: the trampolines embedded in the ground.

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3 great adventure playgrounds in Bremen

28203 Bremen, Robinsönchen playground, Am Wall 207: A long slide, also a real (no longer driving) tractor, a cable car and via ferrata invite you to explore. There is also a water feature in summer.

28217 Bremen, Waller Wied, Heimatstraße/Wiedstraße playground: A small playground on which your children can climb. Every now and then events or small program highlights are also offered.

28257 Bremen, Vegesack play ship, to the vegesacker ferry 12: Small but nice playground with a maritime motto: The game ship invites you to climb and discover.

5 rustic adventure playgrounds in Brandenburg

14480 Potsdam, adventure playground Blue thumb, in Aue 57: Fantastic adventure playground, on which smaller children romp in the mud, dig and climb while the larger ones try out as craftsmen. The supervision provides useful suggestions.

14621 Schönwalde-Glien, Mafz adventure park couples near Berlin, Gartenstraße 1-3: Here you can expect a real children’s paradise with many animals, a water playground and many play options. A snack and a toilet are also important if the playground round takes much longer than planned.

14770 Brandenburg an der Havel, dragon playground, Marienberg 1a: Many play equipment and several climbing opportunities in different difficulties. There is a lot of nature around it because the playground is located on the former Buga site.

15517 Fürstenwalde /Spree, construction playground at the Südclub, Bahnhofstraße 5: Here children and young people can build, play and try out under supervision. If you no longer want to play in the hut village, you can go on to the wobbly bridge, slide or the football field.

16244 Schorfheide OT Groß Schönebeck, Schorfheide wildlife park, Prenzlauer Straße 16: Here you get a great playground with steep slides in the middle of the forest, a petting enclosure and gaaaaanz, go for a walk and discover animals. In addition, there are also a special program on weekends, such as torchlight hikes and wolf observations. Since the playground is on the site of the game park where you can watch native animals, admission is due here.

Coolest Adventure Playgrounds in Germany for Families Represented by 2 toddlers on a german playground
Coolest Adventure Playgrounds in Germany for Families

5 small-fine adventure playgrounds in Hamburg

20359 Hamburg, Planten Planed UN Blomen, Glacishaussee 1: This is probably the most famous playground in Hamburg. The large area offers play equipment for different age groups that can let off steam here. There is also a water playground as well as a kiosk and toilets. The playground is very easy to reach by public transport.

21029 Hamburg-Bergedorf, playground at the castle, Hans-Freese-Weg: Popular playground in the park-not huge, but well in good condition.

22305 Hamburg-Barmbek, playground Rübezahl e.V., Hellbrookstraße 14: Small adventure playground with social pedagogical support.

22559 Hamburg, Sülldorfer Landstrasse playground: In the green you can drive skateboard here, whiz through the tube slide, climb, swing and much more.

22765 Hamburg-Otensen, adventure and construction playground Spio e.V., Am Born 5: Under pedagogical supervision and instructions, kids can build, handle and play as you please. In addition to the 3,500 sqm outdoor area, there is also a large playhouse.

5 great adventure playgrounds in Hessen

34121 Kassel, adventure playground Landaustraße, State Park Karlsaue: If your children have always wanted to climb around on a whale, want to make their rounds on a tire carousel or rest in the hammock, then the visit is definitely worth it here.

60431 Frankfurt am Main, Adventure playground Colorado Park, Raimundstraße: Children can let off steam between huts and wilderness and try out everything. An oasis in the big city!

61231 Bad Nauheim, water playground at the Südpark, at the Ludwigsbrunnen 35: As the name suggests, you will find water features here that will delight the heart of your children. The playground is also happy for the little ones. Then you should just not come here in the largest midday heat.

63071 Offenbach am Main, children’s and youth farm Offenbach, Buchhügelallee 88: ponies, rabbits, sheep and chickens to touch- children can stroke animals here and tackle them in the barn. In addition, there is an adventure playground with hut village and a garden.

65760 Eschborn, tractor playground, Rheinstraße 30: The playground in the middle of nature is rather small, but it offers what is otherwise hardly somewhere: climbing a real tractor, exploring and putting down the steering wheel. There are also other play equipment, for climbing and romping as well as a small stream where your offspring can splash around in summer.

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5 exciting adventure playgrounds in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

17252 Mirow, adventure playground Ferienpark Mirow, Granzow 7: A great playground with a slide, cable car, tire swings, mud playground and trampolines. You also have a look at the lake, which should contribute to relaxation of everyone.

17449 Trassenheide, adventure playground Trassenheide, beach road 23a: In the wind -protected location, children can jump around to their heart’s content and explore the different game elements. Whether pirate boat, lighthouse or water playground, here is fun. And when it gets really boring, then the sea is still waiting for you.

17449 Karlshagen, Karlch’s magic forest, beach promenade: a lovingly designed playground in the shade that is more suitable for smaller children. The big ones can climb, but for the little ones there are slides, snapping nest and exploring a witch house.

18146 Rostock, playground on the beach resort, beach promenade: a long slide leads from the sloping lighthouse back into the sand, there are climbing and rocking facilities, a boat to explore and then the sea is nearby. What more do you want?

19063 Schwerin-Dreesch, Bau playground Schwerin, Marie-Curie-Str. 5D: If you want to do something with your own hands, this is the place for you. The kids can hammer on huts together and sometimes find an open ear at the fire square when the shoe presses. You can also work in the garden or climb – social workers are on site to help with advice and action.

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5 climbing adventure playgrounds in Lower Saxony

28816 Stuhr; Adventure playground: In addition to pirate ships and play equipment for children, there are also some fitness equipment for adults on the beautiful square.

29646 Bispingen, adventure playground Bispingen, Hans-Christoph-Seebohm-Ring: a rustic playground with climbing opportunities, swing and a trim-dich path. The playground is idyllically located in the middle of nature, so that everyone can relax and take a deep breath here.

30167 Hannover-Nordstadt, Welfengarten, Nienburger-Straße corner Schneiderberg: climbing castle, cable car and many play equipment in the countryside.

38446 Wolfsburg, floorless playground, in the all -meadows 4: If your children love climbing, then you need to be careful here. Because there are plenty of climbing devices here that promote the endurance and coordination skills of children.

49681 Garrel, adventure playground “Reservistenfort”, Drei-Brücken-Weg 6: Near a small lake, your children can climb here until they are tired. The fort finally wants to be conquered and then occupied. If you want to stand up to your legs, a forest walk is also possible from this point.

5 unusual adventure playgrounds in North Rhine-Westphalia

40229 Düsseldorf, Adventure playground Eller, Heidelberger Straße 46: A real children’s paradise with animals, fireplace, insect hotels and many ways to try out yourself. There are also educators on site.

50769 Cologne-Chorweiler, construction and adventure playground of the Bau, Abendrothstraße 7a: In addition to a playground with swings, cable car and climbing devices, the huge area also includes a construction site where children can build on houses, and a fireplace. For many kids in the district, the building is your second home and children from the age of six are welcome here without accompanying adults.

52070 Aachen-Nord, adventure playground to the cherry tree, settlement at home 11: The adventure playground of the Kinderschutzbund Aachen e.V. offers building sites and tipis, secret paths and a pirate ship, wild meadows and hammocks. Of course, swings, slide and climbing devices are not missing. What more do you want?

53127 Bonn-Venusberg, children’s leisure park on the Walda: On the edge of the forest you can bob, wobble, slide, climb and swings to your heart’s content, before going on to the wildlife enclosure, on the skateboard and roller skating lane or for refreshment in the excursion restaurant.

53229 Bonn-Fuel, children’s and youth club playground Finkenweg: This playground in Holzlar belongs to the youth farm Bonn e.V .. Children can play here, but also get to know nature and animals as part of the educational offers.

3 active adventure playgrounds in Rhineland-Palatinate

67071 Ludwigshafen, Adventure playground Oggersheim e.V., Speyerer Str. 34: This playground, which is open to the public in the afternoon, is looked after pedagogically and offers climbing wall, mud facility and trampoline in addition to the usual play equipment.

67146 Deidesheim, Alla Hopp! Playground, Mayor-Oberhettinger-Straße 1: Children of all ages can find offers here. And you parents are not neglected either, because if you want, some devices are also available for you.

67373 Dudenhofen, adventure playground Dudenhofen, Albrecht-Dürer-Straße 12: Big adventure playground in the forest for small and larger children. A barefoot path, forest teaching path and a trim-dich path are also included. A kiosk takes care of your physical well -being, but you can also picnicking your own food.

3 child-friendly adventure playgrounds in Saarland

66121 Saarbrücken, adventure playground Eschberg, Mecklenburgring 31: Forest playground with water slide for summer and numerous play equipment and a climbing wall.

66701 Beckingen, playground in the Saargarten: a ship to explore, a lighthouse to slide down and plenty of space to romp. Everything that children need, right?

66693 Mettlach, Adventure Forest Saarschleife, Cloef-Atrium: Unfortunately, this playground costs entry. For this, your children can romp around here on two different playgrounds and explore everything from slide to swing to rope slide.

3 attractive adventure playgrounds in Saxony

01877 Bischofswerda, jungle, Am Schillerplatz 6: Beautifully located in the park and at the Mühlteich This playground attracts with climbing devices, bobbing and swings.

01109 Dresden-Klotzsche, forest playground, to the Kurwiese 2: Especially the beautiful playhouses on stilts make this playground in the forest so appealing.

06254 Leuna, adventure playground Nova Eventis, sheep farm: rocking and wobbling, climbing and swings – and whiz through the crazy debris. Here you play nicely in the countryside and there are also gastronomy.

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3 relaxed adventure playgrounds in Saxony-Anhalt

Water playground in the green triangle, 06120 Halle (Saale), Scharnhorststraße: Children can pump water on the surface and watch them spread over an Archimedian spiral. Perfect for everyone who likes to deal with water and mud and dig in the sand!

06449 Seeland, Adventure Land Harzer Seeland, on the Hasselgrund 2: With around 80,000 sqm, this is the largest outdoor playground of Saxony-Anhalt. You can search for over 50 play equipment on a walk and romp around on your heart’s content. The park costs entry.

39104 Magdeburg, Adventure playground Hegelstraße, Keplerstraße 14: Also suitable for larger children because there are many long slides here who want to be tried out. The proximity to the cathedral makes the playground attractive even if you may just want to look at the city.

5 Nordic adventure playgrounds in Schleswig-Holstein

23560 Lübeck, Bund gardens, Kronsford Allee: Nature conservation is very important here. Less for romping than learning. City children can discover nature here, and there is also a climbing tree.

24109 Kiel-Mettenhof, Am Heidenberger Teich, Aarhussstraße: In addition to climbing wall and nest swing, there is also a low ropes course, soccer field and BMX railway on this diverse playground.

24235 Wendtrof, children’s adventure country: If you all feel like nature, then nothing like here. Because here your children can raft or cable car, climbing, digging, sliding. There is also a toilet and a small kiosk.

24943 Flensburg, Hochfeld pirate playground, Pielweg: Small Kraxler can find diverse climbing devices, slide, nest swing and other devices on a fenced pond.

24939 Flensburg, adventure playground Taubenstraße, Taubenstraße: building site, construction trailer, round house and plenty of space for romping – in the north of Flensburg you can work and play on your heart’s content on this adventure playground. The children are looked after by educators.

3 adventure playgrounds in Thuringia

07548 Gera, generations playground, Am Walde 5b: rocking and sliding, playing football or table tennis – here is the right one for every age group. Cozy covered picnic tables for lingering.

Adventure playground Jena, 07747 Jena, Werner-Seelenbinder-Straße 26: An absolute paradise for children in which you can build and maintain huts. In climbing trees, monster swing and tree house you can let off steam to your heart’s content.

99880 Waltershausen, adventure playground on Striemelsberg, Striemelsbergstraße 1: If your children really feel like climbing and trying out, then you are exactly right here. Because this playground also needs some courage, so it is rather nothing for the very small ones.

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Advice for attending adventure playgrounds in Germany

If you head for an adventure playground you already know, then you know what to expect. It is also clear that you do not attract the most beautiful and latest items of clothing to your children. Because children should move and they can also get dirty. Otherwise such a visit is no fun at all. What else can you consider?

Take your clothes to change or put on warmer: Sometimes you don’t notice how cool it gets in the colder months. Put on the onion principle so that your children can take off individual parts or over pull more.

Change shoes, waterproof shoes: Many adventure playgrounds offer water features and mudds, which often have a magnetic effect on children. If possible, have a few rubber boots ready. In case of doubt, changes are also used again.

Washy and towel: If you can already foresee that your trip could develop into a small or larger mess, have been better prepared. With washcloths and towel in your luggage you can remove the worst dirt.

Take food and drinks with you: There are not cafes or a kiosk everywhere, but playing still makes thirsty and hungry. A thermos jug with fruit tea, water bottles and sandwiches are quickly packed and taste particularly good after a few rounds on the climbing frame and slide.

Warm clothing for you: It is quite possible that you are raging much less than your children, after all, most devices are not designed for parents. Warm clothes and shoes and possibly even a woolen ceiling with which you can make yourself comfortable on a bench are a good idea.

Toilet paper and paper handkerchiefs: Sometimes the greatest adventure playgrounds are somewhat off the shot, and there are not always sanitary facilities there. To be on the safe side, at least having a few paper handkerchiefs with you cannot hurt.

First aid: Sometimes it is a bit more adventurous on an adventure playground. If you come with your own car, you should have a first aid box in store anyway, but it definitely can’t hurt to have some kind of first aid handy

And if the weather doesn’t play along, then choose one of the many indoor playgrounds all over Germany.