15 Popular German Breakfast Foods To Brighten Up Your Morning

In the minds of many people, sausages dominate the list of popular German breakfast foods, followed by muesli or breakfast cereals, and bread with jam. In addition, eggs and cheese are also on the list. Cold cuts and bread are the most common for a German breakfast. 

During the weekday Germans start the day with coffee, bread or rolls, cold cuts, jam and boiled eggs.  At the weekend, many people add breakfast cereal, yogurt, and fruit.

Breakfast in Germany is an approximately 340 kcal meal.

The real typical German breakfast

At a typical German breakfast you will find bread, a sweet or savory spread, cheese or meat.  There are also regional differences. In the south of Germany, especially in Bavaria, sausages are often eaten for breakfast.

The everyday breakfast in Germany mostly consists of bread with a slice of cheese like Emmental or Gouda. Sausage slices such as salami or ham are also often found on breakfast bread.

Close up of cold cuts on a plate with a cherry tomato and a fork as part of a breakfast in Germany
Cold Cuts – Breakfast in Germany

In addition to cheese or ham on bread, Germans like sweet jam made from berries such as raspberries, strawberries or blackberries. There is also jam made from peaches or other fruits.  Honey and chocolate cream are also popular.

The bread is rarely toast at a German breakfast. Germans prefer slices of loaf bread. Farmhouse bread, sourdough or wholemeal bread are popular here.

At the weekend, Germans like to eat fresh rolls or croissants from the bakery and also eggs. Most of the time, these are boiled eggs. Fried or scrambled eggs are also available.

In addition to breakfast bread and eggs, many Germans also like to eat muesli with fruit and milk or yoghurt.

A fruit plate is also part of a typical German breakfast. Grapes, apples, pears and oranges provide important vitamins.

Most Germans drink coffee for breakfast, others prefer tea or a juice.

German Breakfast in Bavaria

Close up of white sausages for a breakfast in Germany
White Sausages – Breakfast in Germany

In Bavaria, white sausages with sweet mustard are a common weekend breakfast dish.

Breakfast in North of Germany

In the north of Germany on the coast, fish is often found on the breakfast table. In addition to slices of salmon, smoked mackerel is a typical breakfast item.

  1. bread – loaf bread, farmhouse bread, sourdough or wholemeal bread
  2. sweet jam made from berries such as raspberries, strawberries or blackberries
  3. cheese – Emmental or Gouda
  4. cold cuts – salami or ham
  5. sausages with sweet mustard
  6. honey
  7. chocolate cream
  8. fresh rolls 
  9. croissants
  10. eggs – boiled, fried or scrambled
  11. muesli with fruit and milk or yoghurt
  12. fruit plate – grapes, apples, pears and oranges
  13. salmon
  14. smoked mackerel
  15. coffee, tea or juice