4 Day Germany Itinerary for Wine Lovers (2023)

The first thing you neeed to know for this Germany Itinerary for Wine Lovers is that in Germany, “Prosit!” (pronounced prohst) is frequently used as the toast when raising a glass of wine. This route takes you through Germany’s western wine regions. Frankfurt is where the journey starts and concludes. This four-day Germany Itinerary for Wine Lovers can work well as part of a longer journey. 

Germany Itinerary for Wine Lovers – Freiburg

On Day 1, you can take a train from the Frankfurt airport to Freiburg and be there in approximately two hours. Or perhaps you’d prefer to travel in a car that you rent in Frankfurt. 

More vineyards surround Freiburg than any other city in Germany. Freiburg is a bustling university town in the Schwarzwald. The city hosts a four-day wine festival that includes open sampling on the final weekend in June. Mid-August brings about the Weinkost, another wine tasting occasion. Nearby Kaiserstühl (Emperor’s Throne), a volcanic massif, is where the majority of the grapes are grown. In May, Spargel (white asparagus) pairs perfectly with the fresh, light Silvaner wine. Dine at Freiburg’s oldest inn, Zum Roten Bären, for a fantastic meal and local wines.

Places to visit Freiburg

A close-up to German white wine glass with blurry fairly lights in the background
4 Day Germany Itinerary for Wine Lovers – Wine Glass

Germany Itinerary for Wine Lovers – Cologne

On Day 2, travel to Cologne on the Rhine. It takes roughly four hours to travel by rail from Freiburg. You may tour the nearby wine area from Cologne by car or boat. Since Roman times, wine has been made in the 27 miles / 45 km long Rheingau wine region, which is located between the cities of Biebrich and Bingen. Among all white wines produced, Rheingau Rieslings are among the best. From Cologne, you can take a day journey by car across this region. Or you can travel down the picturesque Rhine between Koblenz and Mainz on a Rhine boat.

Germany Itinerary for Wine Lovers – Mosel Valley

Close up to unpicked grapes destined to become German wine.
4 Day Germany Itinerary for Wine Lovers – Grapes

On Day 3, you will travel to the picturesque wine-growing region of the Mosel Valley, southwest of Cologne. Between Trier and Koblenz, the valley travels more than 160 kilometers (100 miles) along the Mosel River’s path. This region is ideal for exploring leisure because of the lovely scenery and excellent wines. Getting a train to Koblenz is the simplest way to enjoy a ride down the Mosel River. Daily cruises from Koblenz to Cochem, a charming wine village encircled by vineyards and a well-liked location for wine tastings and festivals, leave from there between late April and the third week of October. The first week of June is Mosel-Wein-Woche, Mosel Wine Week, a celebration of the region’s wines that includes street fairs and sampling booths. 

The last weekend in August is when Weinfest is held. One of the oldest and most well-known establishments along the Mosel is the half-timbered Alte Thorschenke, which serves as both a hotel and a wine restaurant in Cochem.

Close-up to grapes for wine in Germany
4 Day Germany Itinerary for Wine Lovers – Grapes


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Germany Itinerary for Wine Lovers – Frankfurt

On Day 4, travel from Cochem, Cologne, or Freiburg back to Frankfurt. You can extend your German tasting tour if you have a few extra days. Find a local Weinstube, wine tavern. it’s a friendly place to try some of Germany’s many superb vintages.