25 Best Places to Visit in Leipzig in 2023

Leipzig, the vibrant city in eastern Germany, has many places worth visiting, beautiful landmarks and attractions. Leipzig is a hidden gem that is slowly but surely gaining popularity among travelers. Known for its rich history, cultural scene, and impressive architecture, Leipzig offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modernity.

From exploring the city’s numerous museums and art galleries to taking a stroll through its bustling streets, there is something for everyone in Leipzig. In this post, I will take a closer look at some of the best sights to see in this fascinating city. So get ready to discover the magic of Leipzig.

Leipzig in a Nutshell: My Top Attractions

Leipzig is a city with a lot to offer, whether you’re interested in history, culture, or simply enjoying the vibe of a vibrant urban center. To help you plan your visit, here are the top sights and experiences you shouldn’t miss:

  • Thomaskirche: This is the church where Bach worked for many years, and his legacy is still alive here. Attend a service or a concert to experience the power of his music in a historic setting.
  • New Town Hall: One of Leipzig’s architectural highlights, the New Town Hall is a stunning example of Gothic Revival style. Climb up to the tower for a panoramic view of the city.
  • Gewandhaus: As one of the world’s leading concert halls, the Gewandhaus is a must-visit for music lovers. Check the schedule to see if you can catch a performance during your stay.
  • Monument to the Battle of the Nations: This imposing monument commemorates one of the most important battles in European history, when a coalition of armies defeated Napoleon in 1813. It’s a symbol of peace and unity that’s still relevant today.

To explore Leipzig further, start at Augustusplatz, the central square where many of the city’s main streets converge. From here, you can walk to the other attractions or hop on a tram or bus. And if you want to see the city from above, the Panorama Tower is the place to be.

For a taste of Leipzig’s creative and bohemian side, head to the neighborhood of Plagwitz. Here, you’ll find a lively arts scene, plenty of street art and graffiti, and some of the city’s best independent shops and cafes. And if you’re into flea markets, don’t miss the one at Westwerk, which takes place every Saturday.

1. Thomaskirche

Leipzig is a city steeped in history, and it boasts a range of historical landmarks that draw visitors from all over the world. Two of the most significant and historically rich churches in the city center are the Thomaskirche and the Nikolaikirche. Both of these churches played a crucial role in shaping the city’s history and culture.

The Thomaskirche is a must-see for anyone interested in music, as it is where the renowned composer Johann Sebastian Bach worked as a cantor and composed some of his most famous works. The church is a stunning example of Gothic architecture and boasts impressive wooden benches and a rib-like vault, making it a true masterpiece of design.

Admission: free

2. Nikolaikirche

On the other hand, the Nikolaikirche, which is located nearby, is a colorful and playful church that stands out for its unique design. This pink and green church is like a candy bag that captures the attention of anyone who sees it. It has played an important role in Leipzig’s history, as Martin Luther gave some of his most significant speeches here.

Visitors to Leipzig can explore both of these beautiful churches, each with their own unique charm and style. They can also use the Thomaskirche as a starting point for a guided tour of Leipzig’s old town. This way, visitors can delve deeper into the fascinating history of the city and learn about the most significant landmarks in Leipzig. By exploring the city’s rich cultural heritage, visitors can gain a deeper appreciation for Leipzig and its place in Germany’s history.

Admission: free

3. New Town Hall

The New Town Hall in Leipzig is a striking building that catches the eye of anyone who happens to pass by. Unlike typical administrative buildings, it looks more like a small castle with its light-colored stone and numerous gables.

The impressive architecture alone is worth taking a closer look, but it is the tower in the middle of the building that truly steals the show. Rising high above the rest of the structure, the tower stands tall at an incredible height of 115 meters, making it one of the most recognizable landmarks of Leipzig.

Climbing the tower is not an easy feat as it requires tackling 250 steps, but the breathtaking view from the top makes the effort well worth it. From up there, visitors are treated to an incredible panoramic view of Leipzig’s old town and the surrounding areas. It’s no wonder that the tower has become an iconic symbol of the city and a must-visit attraction for anyone traveling to Leipzig.

The New Town Hall has had its fair share of challenges over the years. During World War II, the building was badly damaged and required extensive repairs and rebuilding afterward. Today, the building houses over 600 offices and remains an important hub of administration for the city.

In addition to its practical use, the New Town Hall is also home to an excellent restaurant located in the historic wine cellars. It’s hard to imagine a better place to work or dine in than this beautiful building.

Admission Tower: 3 euros

4. Leipzig Gewandhaus

The Gewandhaus in Leipzig is a unique building that stands out from the traditional architecture found in the city. The building, which serves as Leipzig’s concert hall, boasts a modern design that exudes elegance and sophistication. The interior of the Gewandhaus is home to a magnificent artwork called “Song of Life,” which spans across the ceiling. It is Europe’s largest ceiling painting, and it never ceases to amaze visitors.

One of the fascinating features of the Gewandhaus is its sloping glass facade. It allows visitors to look at the work of art on the ceiling from outside at any time. The view from the outside is mesmerizing and offers a different perspective on the artwork. This unique feature attracts a lot of visitors to the Gewandhaus.

The Mendebrunnen, a fountain located in front of the Gewandhaus, adds to the building’s grandeur and offers an impressive photo opportunity. Together, the Mendebrunnen and the Gewandhaus make for a captivating sight that will leave visitors in awe.

With half a million spectators annually, the Gewandhaus is one of the most visited places in Leipzig. It hosts over 700 events throughout the year, ranging from concerts to congresses. Visitors can enjoy a variety of performances by renowned artists, making it a must-visit destination for culture enthusiasts.

Admission: Guided tour with registration

5. Leipzig Central Station

When it comes to exploring a city, one might not typically think of a train station as a top sight to see. However, in Leipzig, the Central Station is definitely worth a visit. Not only is it architecturally stunning, but it is also massive in size. Covering an area of 83,640 square meters, it is the largest railway station in Europe in terms of area.

As you step inside, you’ll be greeted by super high ceilings, a mix of natural stone and glass, and an abundance of natural light that floods through the ceiling windows. It’s almost reminiscent of the famous Grand Central Station in New York City.

Aside from its impressive design, Leipzig Central Station also offers visitors the opportunity to indulge in some shopping. With a variety of shops and stores located within the station, you can take a small shopping tour without ever leaving the building. And if you’re visiting on a weekend trip, you’ll be pleased to know that the shops are open on Sundays, allowing for even more flexibility during your stay.

Whether you’re arriving in Leipzig by train or simply looking for a unique sight to see, the Central Station is definitely worth checking out. With its grand design and ample shopping opportunities, it’s a must-visit location for any traveler in the area.

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6. Monument to the Battle of the Nations

The Monument to the Battle of the Nations is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable landmarks near Leipzig city center, located approximately 20 minutes away by train. If you have the chance to visit this impressive structure, you will be amazed by the sheer size of the monument – one of the largest in Europe.

Standing at a towering height of 91 meters and with a base of 120 meters in width, the monument serves as a symbol of the Battle of Leipzig, also known as the Battle of Nations, which was fought in 1813.

Commissioned in 1813, the Monument to the Battle of the Nations was inaugurated in 1913 to honor the memory of the battle, which is considered to be the largest in history. It took place outside the gates of Leipzig between the allied armies from four countries and the forces of Napoleon’s allies. Today, the memorial serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of the battle and its impact on European history.

While the size of the monument is impressive in itself, it is also noteworthy that the top of the monument offers an exceptional vantage point. From here, you can see breathtaking views of the surrounding areas. You can take an elevator to reach a height of 68 meters and continue climbing up the stairs to the top. Moreover, if you are interested in learning more about the Battle of Leipzig, you can visit the museum inside the monument.

In summary, a visit to the Monument to the Battle of the Nations is an experience that is not to be missed. From the stunning architecture to the fascinating history of the battle, this monument is a true highlight of Leipzig and an important symbol of European history.

Admission: Free

7. University of Leipzig

Leipzig’s popularity and charm go beyond its rich history and impressive landmarks. The city’s dynamic atmosphere and positive energy are among the reasons why it has become a hip destination for travelers from all over the world. This vibe can be attributed to the vibrant student community, as Leipzig is known as one of the most popular university cities in Germany.

The University of Leipzig is an architectural marvel that stands out as one of the city’s main attractions. The magnificent structures not only offer a visual feast but also boast of being the second oldest university in Germany after Heidelberg. The university has a long-standing tradition of excellence in academia, research, and culture, and its reputation extends far beyond the city limits. It is not surprising that the university has produced many well-known figures such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Angela Merkel, and many more.

If you want to learn more about the university’s rich history and cultural significance, consider joining one of the guided tours that are available. During the tour, you will explore the different buildings of the university, and your knowledgeable guide will provide you with fascinating insights into the university’s past, present, and future. Whether you are a student or just a curious traveler, a visit to the University of Leipzig is sure to leave you with a deeper appreciation for the city’s intellectual and cultural heritage.

Admission: Free

8. Panoramic Tower

Looking for a spectacular view of downtown Leipzig? The Panorama Tower, also known as City Hochhaus, is definitely worth a visit! It’s the tallest building in Leipzig and boasts a breathtaking view of the city from its 31st-floor observation deck, which stands at an impressive height of 120 meters. For a fee of just 4 euros, you can take the elevator up to the top and enjoy the panoramic vista.

But that’s not all: if you’re feeling peckish, you can head down to the 29th floor and indulge in a delicious meal at the tower’s restaurant. Not only does it offer excellent cuisine, but it also provides an equally stunning view of the city. While the prices are slightly higher than average, it’s worth splurging for the memorable experience.

Keep in mind that the tower’s observation deck and restaurant are incredibly popular, so it’s a good idea to book ahead to avoid disappointment. Whether you’re visiting during the day or at night, the Panorama Tower promises an unforgettable and Instagram-worthy experience.

Admission: Viewing platform: 4 euros

9. Augustus Square

Located in the heart of Leipzig, Augustusplatz is a bustling square that serves as a central hub for the city’s main attractions. As previously mentioned, some of Leipzig’s most notable landmarks, including the Gewandhaus and Panorama Tower, are situated around the perimeter of this lively plaza, making it the ideal starting point for any sightseeing excursion.

In addition to its convenient location, Augustusplatz is also an excellent spot to relax and enjoy the sunshine. The square boasts a charming ambiance, with ample seating areas and lush greenery that create a peaceful oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

Beyond its everyday appeal, Augustusplatz is also a popular venue for a variety of events throughout the year. The Leipzig Christmas market is a particularly beloved tradition, drawing visitors from near and far to sample traditional treats, peruse charming handicrafts, and soak up the festive atmosphere.

Whether you’re looking to explore the city’s historic landmarks, take a leisurely break, or immerse yourself in local traditions, Augustusplatz is the place to be. Its central location and vibrant energy make it an essential stop on any visit to Leipzig.

Admission: Free

10. Market Square

Leipzig’s Old Town Hall is a historic building that has been repurposed to showcase numerous exhibitions and host a museum. Although it no longer serves as the city’s administrative center, the Old Town Hall still stands as a significant architectural landmark in the heart of the city.

From the outside, the building boasts a stunning facade adorned with a small turret in the center, which adds to the building’s charm. The many archways and intricate details further enhance the old-world vibe of this fascinating structure. It is no wonder that visitors cannot resist capturing the beauty of the building’s exterior with their cameras.

Admission: Free

11. The Old Town Hall

While exploring the Old Town Hall, take the time to stroll across the market square located in front of it. This bustling square is particularly lively on Tuesdays and Fridays when a weekly market sets up shop, offering a variety of fresh local delicacies to try.

Visiting the Old Town Hall is an experience that combines art, culture, history, and architecture. Be sure to put it on your itinerary during your trip to Leipzig.

Admission: Free

12. Mädler Passage

Leipzig’s rich history as a trade fair city is one of the things that make it so unique. Many of the old trade fair buildings that once housed bustling marketplaces have been converted into charming shopping arcades, home to upscale boutiques, trendy cafes, and fine bistros. One such example is the famous Mädler Passage, which spans five floors and is adorned with magnificent gold decor.

Admission: Free

13. Auerbachs Keller

In the Mädler Passage, you’ll also find Auerbachs Keller, a historic restaurant that has been frequented by famous figures throughout history. In fact, Goethe himself was a regular patron during his student days, and the restaurant is even referenced in his literary masterpiece, “Faust”. The menu at Auerbachs Keller boasts delicious and hearty Saxon cuisine, making it a must-visit spot for foodies.

But the Mädler Passage isn’t the only shopping arcade worth exploring. Leipzig’s various passages, often connected by tunnels, offer a plethora of options for a leisurely stroll through their quaint alleys. So take your time and immerse yourself in the unique charm of Leipzig’s old trade fair buildings, each with its own story to tell.

14. Plagwitz

If you’re looking for a trendy and vibrant district in Leipzig, Plagwitz is the place to be. This district has become increasingly popular with young people over the years, and it’s not hard to see why. Plagwitz is a hub of industrial culture, with plenty of renovated old factories now being used as creative spaces for the young and creative community. The canal trips and junk tours here are also a unique way to experience the city.

A stroll down the bustling streets of Karl-Heine-Strasse or Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse is a must in Plagwitz. Here, you’ll find an abundance of hip bars, cafes, and small shops, offering visitors a unique shopping and dining experience.

If you’re interested in exploring the surrounding areas, you’ll find plenty of industrial culture and cultural events in the neighboring districts. The Plagwitz neighborhood flea market, a regular guest on the Westwerk site, is a great place to find unique items and experience the local community. The art power plant in Lindenau is also a must-visit attraction in the area, housed in a former heating plant. Here, you can experience art and literature in a completely different way, with several galleries, shops, and bars renting space in the old spinning mill. So, if you’re looking for a district that perfectly embodies the youthful, creative, and industrial spirit of Leipzig, look no further than Plagwitz.

Admission: Free

15. Barefoot Alley

The Barfussgässchen is a well-known destination for locals and tourists alike in Leipzig. As a bustling bar mile, it is the perfect spot to enjoy the city’s nightlife. In fact, it is also referred to as “Drallewatsch”, which roughly translates to “experience something”. With its lively and vibrant atmosphere, the name is definitely fitting!

Located in the heart of Leipzig, the Barfussgässchen is a narrow street that is packed with bars, cafes, and restaurants. You can easily spend an entire evening strolling along the street and popping into different venues. The narrowness of the street only adds to the vibrant atmosphere, as it creates a sense of intimacy and excitement.

From traditional German pubs to trendy cocktail bars, there is truly something for everyone in the Barfussgässchen. Whether you are in the mood for a casual drink or a fancy dinner, the diverse selection of restaurants and bars won’t disappoint. So why not make a plan to visit this lively street on your next trip to Leipzig? It’s definitely worth experiencing!

Admission: Free

16. Leipzig Zoo

If you are looking for a family-friendly attraction in Leipzig, the Leipzig Zoo is definitely worth a visit. It is not only the most popular zoo in Germany, but also one of the best in Europe, and for good reason. The zoo is spread over 26 hectares of land and houses a vast collection of 580 different animal species. From giant elephants to tiny insects, the zoo has something for everyone.

However, what sets the Leipzig Zoo apart from others is its innovative and exciting Zoo of the Future project. This project started in 2000 and has since transformed the zoo into themed habitats that replicate different ecosystems from around the world.

For instance, the Gondwanaland habitat is an indoor rainforest that recreates the flora and fauna of the Gondwana supercontinent. Visitors can walk along winding paths, cross over rope bridges, and explore lush greenery as they encounter different exotic animal species.

Another highlight of the zoo is the Pongoland habitat, which is home to our closest relatives in the animal kingdom, the great apes. Here, visitors can observe the gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees, and bonobos in their naturalistic enclosures, complete with tree climbing structures and natural vegetation.

Apart from the diverse animal collection, the Leipzig Zoo also provides educational and interactive activities for visitors of all ages. With animal shows, feeding times, and guided tours, visitors can learn more about the animals and their habitats while having fun at the same time.

If you are traveling with children or just love animals, the Leipzig Zoo is a must-visit attraction in Leipzig. With its Zoo of the Future project, diverse animal collection, and educational activities, it provides a fun and enriching experience for the whole family.

Admission: from 18 euros

17. Clara Zetkin Park

Are you looking for the perfect place to unwind and relax after a long day exploring the city of Leipzig? If you are, then look no further than the beautiful Johannapark located in the west of the city. This park is an ideal spot to take a break, catch your breath, and enjoy the mild evening sun while sipping on a cold beer.

Interestingly, this park is also commonly known as Clarapark, due to a monument dedicated to the renowned women’s rights activist, Clara Zetkin, that stands proudly within it.

The Johannapark is a sprawling green oasis, complete with extensive meadows, a serene pond, and several playgrounds for the little ones to enjoy. Additionally, there is a quaint little café where you can grab a quick bite or a refreshing beverage. Depending on the season, there may even be mobile stands selling delicious snacks and cold drinks.

One of the best things about Johannapark is that it attracts a vibrant crowd. On mild summer evenings, the park comes alive with people chatting, laughing, and maybe even enjoying a street concert. So, take a stroll through the park, find a cozy spot, and bask in the good vibes that this popular Leipzig hotspot exudes.

Admission: Free

18. Rose Valley

When it comes to beautiful parks in Leipzig, it’s hard not to mention Rosental Park, one of the largest facilities in the city. Located within the Leipzig floodplain forest, which is often referred to as the green lung of the city, the park provides ample space for visitors to relax, stroll around, or play with their kids.

What makes Rosental Park even more special is the lookout tower, which is a hidden gem nestled among the trees. It stands tall at a height of 20 meters, and those who climb up to the top can enjoy a breathtaking view of the floodplain forest that surrounds the park. However, before you head up, be warned that the tower is not nicknamed the “wobble tower” for nothing!

If you’re a nature lover, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the diverse flora and fauna that thrive in the floodplain forest. The forest is home to a variety of animal species, including deer, foxes, beavers, and many more. Take a leisurely stroll through the park and enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding nature.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, a visit to Rosental Park is a must. The park’s serene atmosphere and stunning views make it an ideal spot to unwind after a busy day of sightseeing. Don’t forget to bring a picnic basket and some snacks, and make yourself comfortable on one of the many benches scattered throughout the park.

Admission: Free

19. Panometer

The Panometer, located in the southern suburbs of Leipzig, is an extraordinary exhibition space that is hard to miss. Formerly a gasometer, this building has been transformed into a unique art venue by the artist Yadegar Asisi, who creates 360° panoramas on the walls. With a surface area of around 3,500 square meters, the pictures are truly mesmerizing, leaving an incredible impression on the visitors.

The Panometer has hosted many exhibitions over the years, each showcasing a different theme that takes the visitors on an immersive journey. You can dive into the depths of the sunken Titanic or explore the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia, all while standing in the same place. You can even visit a fictional area of ​​the rainforest in the South American Amazon and experience its lush greenery and diverse wildlife.

What makes the exhibitions in the Panometer truly special is that even those who are not art enthusiasts will find them fascinating. It’s an excellent opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in a completely different world.

Admission: 11.50 euros

20. Bach Museum

Johann Sebastian Bach, the renowned composer of Baroque music, is one of the most celebrated figures in the cultural history of Leipzig. Having lived and worked in Leipzig for over a quarter of a century, Bach’s music is inseparably tied to the city’s cultural identity.

It is no wonder that Leipzig honors the legacy of this great artist with an entire museum dedicated to his life and work.

The Bach Museum is an impressive collection of artifacts and exhibits that pay tribute to the musical genius of Bach. The museum not only chronicles his life, but also offers visitors a glimpse into the music that he composed, the instruments that he used, and the cultural influences that shaped his compositions.

One of the highlights of the museum is the original instruments on display, which were once played by Bach and his orchestra. These instruments offer a unique insight into the musical practices of the time, and provide an opportunity to understand the intricate workings of Bach’s compositions.

Located in the heart of the city, adjacent to the Thomaskirche and Augustusplatz, the museum is conveniently located for visitors to the city. It is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in Bach’s music, or in the cultural history of Leipzig in general. With so much to explore and learn, a visit to the Bach Museum is sure to be an enriching and rewarding experience.

Opening hours: Closed on Monday

Admission: 10 Euro

21. Round Corner Museum

If you’re interested in delving into the history of the German Democratic Republic (GDR), then the museum in the round corner is a must-visit attraction in Leipzig. As its name suggests, the museum is housed in a building with a round corner and holds great significance in GDR history. In fact, it served as the district administration of the Stasi for over four decades.

The round corner building played a pivotal role in the peaceful revolution of 1989, with the square in front of it often serving as a gathering point for protesters during the Monday demonstrations. This historic significance has been preserved and showcased in the museum, which offers a fascinating insight into the workings of the Stasi, its surveillance methods and its impact on everyday life in the GDR.

Visitors to the museum will have the opportunity to explore the original workplaces and witness the authentic atmosphere that was once present in the building. From the interrogation rooms to the surveillance equipment and even the files containing personal information on citizens, the museum provides an immersive and moving experience that allows you to gain a deeper understanding of this period of history.

Whether you’re a history buff or simply interested in learning more about this important part of German history, a visit to the museum in the round corner is sure to be a memorable and thought-provoking experience.

Admission: Free

22. Paddling on the Karl Heine Canal

If you’re looking for a unique and picturesque way to explore the city of Leipzig, a canal trip on the Karl Heine Canal and the entire canal network of the Weißen Elster is an absolute must-do activity. In fact, it is one of the best ways to witness the brick facades of the renovated factories, which is a signature feature of Leipzig, from an unusual and breathtaking perspective.

The Karl Heine Canal, which flows for more than 3 kilometers through the west of Leipzig, is a true gem in the city. It crosses many districts, including the trendy Plagwitz district which we have already mentioned before. Once you board the boat, you will be taken on a journey through a network of small canals and under numerous bridges, giving you a sense of being transported to Venice.

As you cruise along the canal, the scenery gradually changes, taking you from the heart of the city to the tranquil countryside. If you’re looking for a bit of adventure, you can paddle your own canoe or kayak through the canals. Alternatively, if you prefer a more leisurely experience, you can settle into one of the captained excursion boats or even a Venetian gondola complete with a gondolier.

This is a truly unique experience that you won’t want to miss while in Leipzig. Be sure to bring your camera as there will be plenty of opportunities for photos along the way.

Admission: Free

23. Leipzig New Lake District

The Leipziger Neuseenland is an impressive example of how the transformation of former industrial areas can lead to a stunning new landscape. Since the 1990s, a tremendous artificial lake landscape has been created in the area around Leipzig, which is now known as the Leipziger Neuseenland.

The region has undergone a massive transformation and has become a true paradise for nature lovers, water sports enthusiasts, and families.

The Leipziger Neuseenland is a vast, watery area that offers something for everyone. If you are seeking relaxation, you will find plenty of opportunities to unwind on the secluded beaches of the numerous lakes. For adventure seekers, the region offers a wide range of water sports activities, such as kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, and stand-up paddleboarding.

Families with children will also find plenty of activities to keep them entertained, from playgrounds and swimming areas to picnic spots and cycling paths.

A trip to the green surroundings of Leipzig is a must if you have some extra time in the city. Although having a car is an advantage, some lakes are also well connected by S-Bahn. The most popular and well-known lake is the Cospudener See, affectionately called Cossi by locals.

Located near the city of Leipzig, it is easily accessible by public transport or bicycle. Cossi offers a range of recreational activities, such as swimming, sunbathing, and sailing.

But there are many more lakes to explore in the Leipziger Neuseenland. For example, the Markkleeberger See, which is one of the oldest artificial lakes in the region and is particularly popular with families. The lake offers not only beautiful scenery but also an adventure playground, a mini-golf course, and a boat rental service.

Another lake worth a visit is the Störmthaler See, which is famous for its water sports events and the exciting “Floating Village” – a unique residential area on the lake that consists of floating houses.

Admission: Free

24. Leipzig Wildlife Park

Are you looking for a family-friendly outdoor activity in Leipzig that is both educational and fun? Look no further than the Wildpark! This park is a great alternative to a traditional zoo, with its focus on educating visitors about the animals and their protection.

Spanning 46 hectares of pristine southern floodplain forest, the Wildpark offers a unique opportunity to observe 25 different animal species in their natural habitats. From deer and wild boars to lynx and wolves, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

And the best part? Admission to the Wildpark Leipzig is completely free! Plus, the park offers affordable guided tours for an even more immersive experience.

Whether you’re a family with children or a nature lover looking for a peaceful getaway, the Wildpark in Leipzig is a must-visit destination. Come experience the beauty and wonder of the animal kingdom in a way you never have before.

Admission: Free

25. Belanti’s Amusement Park

After exploring the historical landmarks and cultural attractions of Leipzig, if you’re looking for a thrilling and fun-filled activity, we suggest heading to Belantis amusement park. This exciting theme park is perfect for families with children who are seeking adventure and excitement.

Belantis amusement park, the largest of its kind in Central Germany, boasts an impressive collection of 60 attractions that are spread out across eight themed worlds.

From adrenaline-fueled roller coasters to more laid-back rides, there’s something for everyone here. So, whether you’re a daredevil or prefer a more leisurely pace, you won’t be disappointed.

Located in the southern part of Leipzig, the park is easily accessible by bus or train. However, if you have more time and want to explore the city in a unique way, we recommend renting a bike and pedaling your way to the park. Leipzig has plenty of bike rental shops, making it easy to find a suitable bike for your needs.

At Belantis, you can spend an entire day exploring the various themed worlds, enjoying the rides, and indulging in delicious food and drinks. So, if you’re looking for a fun and memorable activity to enjoy with your family, Belantis amusement park is a must-visit destination.

Leipzig is a fascinating city with a rich history, beautiful architecture, and plenty of cultural and recreational activities to offer. From exploring the old town and its landmarks, to enjoying a canal trip or a visit to the beautiful lakes and parks, to experiencing the vibrant art and music scene, Leipzig has something for everyone.

Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, a nature lover, or a family with children, Leipzig is sure to capture your heart and leave you with unforgettable memories. So why not plan a trip to this charming city and discover all that it has to offer? Leipzig is waiting for you!