9 Best Castle Hotels in Germany – Stay in a Castle in 2023

Every castle hotel in Germany exudes an enchanting charm and promises an indescribable holiday experience. I have put together a list of the best castle hotels in Germany where you can spend the night and feel like royalty. From crazy luxurious furnishings in former imperial residences to Art Nouveau castles in boutique style or subtle royal playfulness in the midst of picturesque nature, every lady and every lord will find the right castle hotel in Germany.

Here you can get an initial overview of the variety of castle hotels. I show you the portfolio of the best German castle hotels, explain the historical background, and let you know the highlights of the respective castle hotel.

Schlosshotel Kronberg im Taunus

Kronberg im Taunus is just outside the gates of the banking metropolis of Frankfurt. At the end of the 19th century, the last German Empress Victoria resided in Friedrichshof Palace in the spa town.

The 5-star superior Schlosshotel Kronberg is located in the rooms of the English-style castle. What awaits you is truly royal – an English castle atmosphere in the former residence of Empress Victoria.

The Schlosshotel Kronberg is not only a highly renowned hotel because of its impressive furnishings, outstanding comfort and exciting ambience. The service is also world-class.

Guests can enjoy, among other things, a limousine chauffeur, tailor-made room and luggage service and professional laundry and shoe polishing.

The rooms in the castle hotel are aristocratically gorgeous, true to detail, authentic and often with a view of the Frankfurt skyline.

In the Schlosshotel Kronberg you can expect:

  • Rooms and suites with discreet, timeless living comfort.
  • There is also a classy spa & wellness, as well as a wonderful golf course.
  • They provide a stylish and discreet tailor-made service.

Hotel Schloss Fleesensee

The impressively well-kept golf courses in Göhren-Lebbin in the Mecklenburg Lake District are particularly popular with golf enthusiasts.

The Schloss am Fleesensee, built in 1842, is located in the midst of the beautiful green areas.

Nowadays the Schloss Hotel Fleesensee spoils its guests with excellent surroundings.

Here you will find spa, golf and castle hotel at Fleesensee under one beautiful roof.

Located between Müritz, Fleesensee and Malchower See, the castle hotel in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is the perfect address for those who not only want to spend the night in a castle in idyllic, quiet surroundings, but also want to relax.

If you want to experience something, the Schlosshotel am Fleesensee offers an extraordinarily varied leisure program.

Whether it’s an excursion in a vintage car, tennis or golf games, musical evenings or active relaxation in the in-house spa, guests are offered extravagance with North German serenity.

The furnishing of the rooms and the lovingly restored castle manage the daring balancing act between modernity and historicity with ease.

In the Schloss Hotel Fleesensee you can expect:

  • Exciting mixture of timeless modernity and historical elements.
  • Perfect location at the golf club between Müritz, Fleesensee and Malchower See
  • Wellness heaven with pool, sauna and in-house spa.

Schlosshotel Bad Wilhelmshöhe Kassel

The Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe is one of the most impressive castle parks in Europe.

It combines the terraced development and the opulent area of Italian and French baroque gardens.

The 4-star superior Schlosshotel Bad Wilhelmshöhe is located in the middle of the castle park next to the Wilhemshöhe Castle.

Located on the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Schlosshotel Kassel impresses with its modern facilities.

In the castle you stay in comfortable hotel rooms and suites, some of which have free-standing bathtubs.

A luxurious spa and gastronomic excellence are also part of the Schlosshotel Bad Wilhelmshöhe portfolio.

The fresh ambience in the hotel stands in exciting contrast to the historical importance of Schloss Wilhelmshöhe.

The castle, designed in classicism, now functions as a museum and houses, among other things, a collection of antiquities.

In the Schlosshotel Bad Wilhelmshöhe you can expect:

  • Modern luxury in high-quality equipped rooms and suites.
  • Breathtaking location directly in the UNESCO World Heritage Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe
  • Multifaceted day spa with hammam, romantic program and natural pond

Schlosshotel Munchausen

No lie, the Schlosshotel Münchhausen has many stories to tell. The noble family that produced the famous baron of lies resided here. Schwöbber Castle’s more than 440-year history can still be seen today.

Simple from the outside, the 5-star superior Schlosshotel Münchhausen amazes with chandeliers, Renaissance splendor and elegance.

The Schlosshotel Münchhausen in Aerzen is only 10 kilometers away from Hamelin, the Lower Saxon town with the Pied Piper legend.

History buffs with a penchant for exciting anecdotes will feel right at home in the Schlosshotel.

Tsar Peter the Great walked in the associated nature park. A pineapple monument bears witness to his visit.

Sounds unbelievable? Convince yourself, make yourself comfortable in the timelessly furnished rooms in a modern country house style, play golf on the neighboring 18-hole golf course, relax in the sophisticated spa or dine between fireplaces and golden stucco.

In the Schlosshotel Münchhausen you can expect:

  • Renaissance splendor in the 440-year-old Schwöbber Castle
  • Incredibly beautiful surroundings near Hamelin with a private lake and castle park
  • Fantastic leisure opportunities thanks to the golf course and spa

Schlosshotel Klink

A pool overlooking the Müritz, the largest lake in Germany that lies entirely within federal territory.

In the dining room with knight’s armor you will feel like a prince, the breakfast in the orangery is multifaceted and the leisure activities are strangely varied.

Your stay at the Schlosshotel Klink will be extraordinary.

Schlosshotel with a view of Müritz and a huge range of leisure activities

The grounds of the Schlosshotel Klink are only a few steps away from the Müritz, and it is only a short walk to the boat harbor.

But the fantastic location of the Neo-Renaissance-style castle, completed in 1898, is not the only reason why you should visit the Schlosshotel an der Müritz.

If you would like to spend the night in the castle, you have the choice between rooms and suites, which are discreetly but comfortably furnished to a high standard.

If you want your special holiday in Germany to be more active, you can train your backhand on the covered badminton and tennis courts, enjoy wellness in the spa, have fun on the bowling alley or rent a bike directly from the Schlosshotel Klink and cycle along the banks of the Müritz.

At the Schlosshotel Klink you can expect:

  • Sophisticated Neo-Renaissance castle hotel with a modern orangery
  • Badminton and tennis courts, bowling alley, spa and bike rentals
  • Idyllic location right on the banks of the huge Müritz

Schlosshotel Blankenburg

The more than 850-year history of Blankenburg Castle (Harz) is changeable:

It was fought over, looted, burnt down, housed a technical school during the GDR era and is now mainly used for cultural purposes. This is exactly where the 4-star Schlosshotel Blankenburg is located.

The building of the Schlosshotel Blankenburg was also used in many ways. As a barracks, sports school, residential building and finally as a beautiful castle hotel in the immediate vicinity of Blankenburg Castle in Saxony-Anhalt.

The Schlosshotel Blankenburg exudes a historical ambience without being old-fashioned.

Comfortable furnishings meet the simple elegance of the last century. The location in Blankenburg is ideal for exploring the Harz, the Brocken or the world heritage city of Quedlinburg.

Afterwards you simply relax in the spa.

The Schlosshotel Blankenburg is also certified sustainable and relies, among other things, on regional and seasonal dishes.

In the Schlosshotel Blankenburg you can expect:

  • Fascinating location directly in the castle park of Blankenburg Castle
  • First-class service and hotel rooms with stylish furnishings and clear shapes
  • Short distances to the mythical Harz Mountains and the world heritage city of Quedlinburg

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Schlosshotel Karlsruhe

From the tower of Karlsruhe Palace, you not only have an impressive overview of the city of Baden, you can also see the fan-shaped shape of the city.

It feels like all roads lead to the castle.

If you look near the train station, you might even recognize the 4-star Schlosshotel Karlsruhe, an elegant castle hotel from the 1920s with royal furnishings.

Admittedly, the Schlosshotel is not in the immediate vicinity of Karlsruhe Palace. But that doesn’t change anything about the lovingly playful furnishings and the luxurious ambience of the Schlosshotel Karlsruhe, which opened in 1914.

Regardless of the chosen category, the hotel rooms in the Schlosshotel are designed in the cozy simplicity of the turn of the century, but are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

At the latest in the Hall of Mirrors or in the exclusive restaurant Zum Großherzog the mouths will be open. Opulent chandeliers and high-quality carpets that look like murals are a skilful homage to Karlsruhe Palace.

At the Schlosshotel Karlsruhe you can expect:

  • Wonderful castle hotel from the 1920s with luxurious facilities
  • Lovingly detailed interior design with homage to royal palace designs
  • Great location in downtown Karlsruhe

Patrick Hellmann Castle Hotel in Grunewald

In the Schlosshotel Grunewald, Hildegard Knef composed, married Romy Schneider and resided with the German national team during the 2006 World Cup. 

The charming grand hotel in the posh district of Berlin-Grunwald is still bohemian today as the 5-star Patrick Hellmann Schlosshotel.

The Schlosshotel Grunewald has been extraordinary since its completion in 1914. The filigree and at the same time opulent decorations were once again raised to a more exquisite level by the interior design by designer Patrick Hellmann.

The rooms in the Schlosshotel Grunewald all bear the designer’s exclusive, reduced handwriting, which is also filled with high quality.

Hotel service of the highest quality, a spa and the excellent Patrick Hellmann restaurant in the castle hotel complete the extraordinary ambience. You are not simply booking an overnight stay in the castle, but a real experience.

At the Patrick Hellmann Schlosshotel in Grunewald you can expect:

  • Design hotel rooms and suites with, among other things, a free-standing bathtub
  • Excellent restaurant, discreet service and exclusivity
  • Stay in Berlin’s unique villa district not far from the Ku’damm

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Schloss Hotel Wolfsbrunnen

The view of the lake in the Werratal is picturesque and the extraordinary ambience in the 4-star Hotel Schloss Wolfsbrunnen is an experience in itself.

In the middle of the Hessian nature you will find an enchanting backdrop to relax completely far away from all everyday obligations.

You will discover a sophisticated Neo-Renaissance palace with soothing wellness offers.

The Neo-Renaissance castle was completed in 1904 but appears to have lasted for several centuries. With its tower it is enthroned on the mountain in Schwebda and looks like a medieval castle. But the interior is full of modern feel-good elements.

In the in-house spa you can relax in the Turkish steam bath. The professional wellness treatments let all your stress melt away.

The best thing to do afterwards is to weigh yourself down in the stylishly furnished rooms or look out the window at the idyllic castle park.

Quality is also very important in the hotel restaurant. The ingredients are seasonal and regional.

At Schloss Hotel Wolfsbrunnen you can expect:

  • Timeless castle ambience with a view of the picturesque Werra valley
  • Artistic wellness treatments in the in-house spa, including a Turkish steam bath
  • Picturesque natural scenery invites you to romantic mountain hikes

9 Best Castle Hotels in Germany – Stay in a Castle in 2023

  • Schlosshotel Kronberg im Taunus
  • Hotel Schloss Fleesensee
  • Schlosshotel Bad Wilhelmshöhe Kassel
  • Schlosshotel Munchausen
  • Schlosshotel Klink
  • Schlosshotel Blankenburg
  • Schlosshotel Karlsruhe
  • Patrick Hellmann Castle Hotel in Grunewald
  • Schloss Hotel Wolfsbrunnen