16 Romantic Places and Cities in Germany For Couples

There are romantic places and cities in Germany for a big declaration of love, a marriage proposal or romantic moments for two. I will present you here with the best and most beautiful places for a romantic weekend for two.

I have put together the following list of the most beautiful travel destinations for lovers here.

Flower Island Mainau

Flower Island Mainau in Lake Constance is of course one of the most romantic places in Germany. Here you can admire the most beautiful flowers and plants in the extensive park almost all year round.

So it’s no wonder that romantic feelings are guaranteed to arise here. Hand in hand you stroll across the island, where you can experience different flowers in their most beautiful splendor depending on the season.

Whether hyacinths, primroses, tulips, dahlias or other exotic types of flowers, things are highly romantic here. 

A special highlight is the butterfly house. Countless butterflies live here between exotic plants. If you hold still, one of the winged insects might even sit on your hand.

Tempelhof Field in Berlin

Even if you can hardly believe it at first glance, but even the cool Berliner has romantic feelings inside.

But where do you go if you want to confess this to your queen or jack of hearts?

So many people listen to you on the subway and in Mauerpark there are long gone quiet places.

Instead, how about a romantic walk or a picnic on the vast expanses of the Tempelhofer Feld?

Here you are not only guaranteed your privacy to grate sweets, but you can also experience beautiful sunsets.

Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne

In this place in Germany, romance and the magic of love are more visible than anywhere else. Around 40,000 love locks hang on the railings of the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne.

Since 2008, the trend from Italy has prevailed here and more and more castles have been added. Of course, you shouldn’t just hang a padlock on the parapet of the bridge and then leave. No, you have to put one there with your name or initials. In addition, the date of your meeting.

Then you attach the lock to the Hohenzollern Bridge and throw the keys into the Rhine.

So your love will last forever.

Gothmund in Luebeck

In Gothmund, a district of Lübeck, time seems to stand still. This romantic square is the perfect place for a stroll for two.

Stroll past thatched half-timbered houses and cute brick houses. Located directly on the Trave, Gothmund was first mentioned in 1502.

Today about 80 people still live in Gothmund. All the houses along the Fischerweg are listed as historical monuments.

Not only the Holstentor is a real sight in Lübeck, Gothesmund is also definitely one of them as a small, sleepy spot.

Berchtesgaden Land

The next romantic place takes us to the very south of Germany. The Berchtesgadener Land is a beautiful spot in the far south of Germany.

Picturesque mountain panoramas and beautiful cities await you here. The Royal Palace of Berchtesgaden in the town of the same name is particularly beautiful.

The towns and villages of the Berchtesgadener Land are embedded in the Alps.

Even the artist Caspar David Friedrich chose the area as the main subject of his pictures and graphics. As a representative of early romanticism, he certainly knew which place in Germany is particularly romantic.

A trip across the Königssee, which blends picturesquely into the mountain landscape and is a true natural wonder in Germany, is also special.

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Island of Ruegen

They are the symbol of the island of Rügen and, in addition to hiking vacationers, also attract couples who want to look deep into each other’s eyes here on the chalk cliffs.

The chalk cliffs on Rügen are not only particularly impressive because of their uniqueness, but also because of the play of colours.

The white rocks and the green forest transform the water of the Baltic Sea into the most beautiful turquoise blue.

A particularly well-known vantage point is the Königsstuhl, the highest elevation on the chalk cliffs, which are located in the Jasmund National Park. Here you have a great panorama over the cliffs and guarantees a romantic place for the perfect declaration of love.

By the way, Caspar David Friedrich entitled one of his most famous works “Chalk cliffs on Rügen”.

Insider tip:

For all romantic early risers, it is worth starting to the chalk cliffs before sunrise. There you will be rewarded with a beautiful sunrise. Maybe one or the other will be carried away to a marriage proposal in this suitable mood.

Lüneburg Heath

In the south of Hamburg you will find the Lüneburg Heath. Here you can still hike in many places through extensive heathland, which covered far more parts of northern Germany until the beginning of the 19th century.

The city of Lüneburg is particularly well-known in the Lüneburg Heath. If you are not necessarily looking for a city trip to Lüneburg, then the core area of the heath around Wilsede is recommended.

Not only the Wilseder Berg, which at 169 meters above sea level is the highest point on the Lüneburg Heath, but also the village of Wilsede is worth a visit.

Around 50 people live in the village and in the holiday season you might think it is more of a museum village.

Typical North German half-timbered houses stand next to old, thatched stables. Since the place cannot be reached by car because it is in the middle of a nature reserve, you can either hike there or take a carriage from Nieder- or Oberhaverbeck or Bispingen.

A carriage ride through the heath is guaranteed to be romantic.


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Dreamy villages and mysterious canals lined with dense forest. That’s what makes it special, the Spreewald in the south-east of Brandenburg.

No matter what time of year it is always romantic in the Spreewald. 

In summer you can take a nice paddle boat tour across the widely branched course of the Spree.

In winter, when everything seems to be asleep here, you should take a guided tour by boat. Snuggled up in warm blankets, you can enjoy such beautiful hours together. Or you can treat yourself to a relaxing wellness day in one of the many beautiful thermal baths in Brandenburg, such as the Spreewald Therme.

Use your romantic weekend in the Spreewald for a holiday in absolute peace. The only sounds that reach your ears when you are out and about in the forests of the Spreewald are mostly just birdsong and the creaking of old trees.

In summer you can experience a variety of animal and plant species in the Spreewald, which has been designated a UNESCO biosphere reserve. 830 species of butterflies, 48 species of dragonflies and 36 species of fish live in the Spreewald.

The mail comes by boat. From April to October, mail is delivered in Lübbenau to the district of Lehde with a yellow mail barge.

Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel

Visit the Bergpark in Kassel for a romantic weekend for two. The 2.4 square kilometer area extends around the Wilhelshöhe Castle, Hercules with the statue of the same name and the cascade in between.

It is the largest mountain park in Europe and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2013. 

You can go for a walk in the spacious park all year round or look at the works of the Old Masters Picture Gallery in Wilhelmshöhe Palace. From the Herkules you have a wonderful view over the park and the neighboring Kassel.

Every year in June and July, on Saturdays at 10 p.m. and in August and September at 9 p.m., the illuminated trick fountains take place in the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe.

You should not miss this romantic highlight. All of the water features in the park are then bathed in atmospheric light, creating a particularly romantic atmosphere.

Pile dwellings in St. Peter-Ording

The perfect place to make your beach holiday in Germany even more romantic is a visit to the stilt houses on the beach of St. Peter-Ording.

The buildings tower over the beach at a height of around seven meters. There are around 15 such structures in St. Peter-Ording today.

The first pile dwelling was opened in 1911. The “Giftbude” served as a sales outlet for drinks and food, because even then the guests on the beach of St. Peter-Ording should be properly taken care of after swimming in the North Sea.

In 1935, however, a storm tide destroyed the “Giftbude” and the “Herb Gull” was built in its place, a restaurant with quality cuisine that is still in operation today.

Rakotz Bridge in Upper Lusatia

Even if you are no longer allowed to enter it today, the Rakotzbrücke in the Azalea and Rhododendron Park Kromlau is a nice place for your next weekend for two.

It is also popularly known as the Devil’s Bridge, which may not least be due to its bizarre shape. It was built from 1863 to 1882 from basalt stones. It spans the Rakotzsee in an almost perfect semicircle.

The overall ambience in the park and the idyllic location makes the Rakotzbrücke a fairytale place full of romance.

Along the Romantic Road

Don’t know where to take your next romantic weekend? Then we recommend the Romantic Road. It runs from the Main to the Alps and leads past the most romantic travel destinations in Germany.

The street was founded in 1950 when Germany wanted to be re-established as a holiday destination after the Second World War.

The largest section of the Romantic Road runs through the Free State of Bavaria. 

You can start your romantic journey in the beautiful city of Würzburg, which is one of the most romantic cities in Germany.

Stroll through the idyllic old town, visit the Würzburg Residence and the Marienburg Fortress. The small and narrow alleys invite you to take a walk as a couple. The neighboring town of Dinkelsbühl is also very beautiful and you will also find an almost perfectly preserved old town here.

The romantic route continues via Nördlingen, Augsburg Friedberg and Schwangau.

Here you will find the next world-famous landmark of Germany and also a very popular destination for romantic vacationers – the fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein, which attracts around 1.5 million tourists from all over the world to Bavaria every year.

Stay overnight in the treetop hotel

Romance is guaranteed here! Spend your couple’s holiday in a tree house hotel.

The rooms of the tree house hotels in Germany are hidden above the ground in a mighty treetop.

Treehouse hotels have become more and more well-known and popular in Germany in recent years and you can now find them in every price range and all over Germany.

Enjoy romantic hours for two in your little kingdom. Thanks to the construction of tree house hotel, the romantic feelings bloom very quickly. After all, the nearest neighbors are accommodated in the next tree.

View of the Saar loop

A wonderful view of the course of the Saar river is offered to you from the Cloef vantage point above the Saar loop. 

From here, depending on the weather and season, you have ever-changing views of the landscape beneath your feet. That is what makes the view so appealing.

You can also take a look at the Saarschleife if you climb the observation tower of the Saarschleife treetop path.

This is above the Cloef vantage point and promises an even more spectacular view of the Saar loop.


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Old town of Quedlinburg

The next place in Germany that is truly romantic is the beautiful small German town of Quedlinburg in Saxony-Anhalt.

The beautiful old town invites you to romantic walks through cobbled streets. You will find around 2000 half-timbered houses from around eight centuries in the city.

The old town is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and is one of the largest area monuments in Germany.

Visit the beautiful Renaissance town hall, the monastery church of St. Mary and the church of St. Petri with the abbey garden.

The old town of Quedlinburg is also worth seeing in the evening. Then the houses are bathed in the right light with atmospheric lighting.

Ehrenfels Castle

The castle ruins rise majestically on the northern bank of the Rhine on the steep slope of the Rüdelheimer Berg.

It was probably built from the year 1211. You can no longer get inside the ruins.

But there are some hiking trails around the castle so that you can get close to the ruins and have a great view of Ehrenfels Castle and the Rhine from the surrounding slopes.

The castle ruins are picturesquely situated in the middle of the best vineyards in Germany.

You should plan around three hours for a hike along the Riesling Trail from Rüdesheim through the vineyards to Ehrenfels Castle.