Where to Stay in Hamburg: 17 Best Hotels

If you’re looking for the best hotels in Hamburg, I’m here to help you find the perfect place to stay! Hamburg, with its maritime allure, cultural richness, and vibrant energy, offers a wide range of accommodations that cater to every traveler’s needs. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll unveil the top hotels in Hamburg, ensuring that your stay in this captivating city is nothing short of extraordinary.

Picture yourself in a luxurious waterfront hotel, where you can wake up to stunning views of the Elbe River and indulge in the city’s maritime charm. Or perhaps you prefer a cozy boutique hotel tucked away in one of Hamburg’s trendy neighborhoods, where you can immerse yourself in the local atmosphere. Whether you’re seeking a centrally located hotel for easy access to major attractions or a peaceful retreat away from the bustling city center, Hamburg has it all.

Get ready to step into history as you discover the city’s historic hotels, each one exuding elegance and transporting you to a bygone era. Experience the perfect blend of modern design, state-of-the-art amenities, and impeccable service in contemporary establishments that cater to your every need. With a wide range of options to suit all budgets and preferences, Hamburg ensures that there’s something for everyone.

If you’re a history enthusiast, a food lover, or simply seeking a comfortable retreat after a day of exploration, let me be your trusted guide in finding the best hotels in Hamburg. Together, we’ll create an unforgettable Hamburg experience, where you’ll discover the true essence of this captivating city and find a home away from home in one of its exceptional accommodations.

In a Nutshell: Top 3 Hotel Tips for Hamburg

  • Henri Hotel: Ideal for first-time visitors to Hamburg, the Henri Hotel offers a central location near the city’s main attractions. With its cool and unique decor, this hotel provides a stylish and comfortable base for exploring the city.
  • 25hours Hotel: Located in the trendy Hafencity district, the 25hours Hotel impresses with its modern design and vibrant atmosphere. Stay here for easy access to Hamburg’s sights and enjoy the contemporary ambiance of this stylish establishment.
  • Chez-Ronny: If you’re a nightlife enthusiast, Chez-Ronny in St. Pauli is the place to be. With its unconventional design and proximity to numerous bars, this hotel guarantees an exciting and lively experience during your stay in Hamburg.

These are my top three hotel recommendations for Hamburg. If you’re eager to learn more about the best places to stay in Hamburg and discover other recommended hotels, continue reading below.

The Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Hamburg

With its impressive population of nearly 1.8 million, Hamburg stands as Germany’s second-largest city. And let me tell you, folks, this place has got it all. The city is well laid out, and thanks to its efficient subway system, you can easily explore all corners of this vibrant metropolis.

But here’s the thing, my fellow travelers: Not all neighborhoods in Hamburg are created equal when it comes to finding the perfect place to hang your hat. It really depends on what you’re looking to experience during your stay.

That’s why, based on my own firsthand exploration, I’ve divided this hotel guide into four sections. Each section is tailored to cater to different occasions and budgets, ensuring that you find the ideal accommodation that suits your needs.

Now, here’s a little insider tip: While most visitors to Hamburg seek out a hotel smack in the center of the action, there’s something to be said about seeking a quieter location away from the tourist crowds. If you’re yearning for a touch of elegance, I recommend considering accommodations near the Outer Alster. But hold on, I’ve got a separate article that covers luxury hotels in Hamburg, so we won’t be delving into that part of town in this guide.

Alright, my friends, let’s dive into the diverse neighborhoods of Hamburg and uncover the very best places to stay in each one. Join me as I take you on a virtual journey through the trendy, historic, and charming districts that this magnificent city has to offer. Whether you’re seeking vibrant city life or a serene retreat, I’ve got you covered. So, keep reading to find the neighborhood that speaks to your wanderlust, and get ready for some hand-picked hotel recommendations that I personally experienced during my time in Hamburg.

Downtown Delights: Unveiling Hamburg’s Heart

If you’re seeking a prime location to rest your weary traveler’s feet, look no further than the vibrant heart of Hamburg. The city center is a delightful choice for your stay, especially if you’re new to this bustling metropolis and eager to immerse yourself in its rich tapestry of sights and sounds.

Picture this, my fellow adventurers: The city center encompasses the prestigious area around the Binnenalster, home to some of Hamburg’s finest and most luxurious hotels. Nestled within this urban oasis is the renowned Atlantic Hotel, where a stroke of luck might just grant you an encounter with the legendary Udo Lindenberg, who has made this exquisite establishment his home for nearly a quarter of a century.

But that’s not all, my friends. The city center also extends its warm embrace to the vicinity of the main train station, where the beating pulse of Hamburg’s daily life can be felt. Stroll along the bustling shopping streets of Mönckebergstraße and Gänsemarkt, where a treasure trove of retail delights awaits.

Now, let’s weigh the scales, shall we? For every travel choice has its pros and cons. Allow me to illuminate the advantages and disadvantages of selecting a hotel in downtown Hamburg, so you can make an informed decision that aligns with your travel desires.

Advantages beckon:

  • The city’s many iconic landmarks are a leisurely walk away, saving you precious time and energy.
  • Excellent transportation links abound, as all subway lines seamlessly weave through the city center, providing effortless access to every corner of Hamburg.
  • Retail therapy enthusiasts will rejoice in the myriad shopping opportunities that dot the city center’s bustling streets.
  • And let’s not forget, my dear explorers, some of Hamburg’s most storied and illustrious hotels proudly call downtown their home, promising a truly remarkable stay.

Yet, my discerning travelers, even in this urban paradise, a few drawbacks do exist:

  • It’s worth noting that room rates in the city center tend to be higher compared to other districts, reflecting the sought-after location and amenities on offer.
  • While the daytime buzz of the city center is invigorating, the evening ambiance may not boast the same level of excitement, as the area settles into a more tranquil rhythm.

So there you have it, my friends. A captivating glimpse into the magnetic allure of downtown Hamburg, where history, commerce, and hospitality blend harmoniously. Now, armed with this knowledge, you can confidently embark on your quest to find the perfect hotel that will make your Hamburg adventure one for the ages.

Staying overnight in the vibrant city center of Hamburg may come with a higher price tag, especially if you’re seeking accommodations with private bathrooms. However, fear not, as the range of options in the middle-class and luxury segments is extensive, providing you with a wide selection of top-quality hotels that promise an unforgettable stay in this captivating city.

Best experience:

1. Henri Hotel

Address: Bugenhagenstraße 21, 20095 Hamburg, Germany

During my recent stay at the Henri Hotel, I discovered a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Hamburg’s bustling city center. From the moment I stepped foot into the tastefully designed lobby, I knew I was in for a special experience. The hotel’s prime location allowed me to easily explore the city’s vibrant attractions, with several train stations just a stone’s throw away.

The well-appointed rooms provided a cozy sanctuary after a day of adventure, and the small spa area offered a tranquil retreat where I could relax and recharge. With attentive staff and a warm ambiance, Henri Hotel truly exceeded my expectations.

2. Hotel City House

Address: Holzdamm 4-12, 20099 Hamburg, Germany

Seeking a comfortable and convenient stay in downtown Hamburg? Look no further than Hotel City House. My visit to this charming establishment left me impressed with its central location and modern amenities. The friendly staff went above and beyond to ensure a pleasant stay, providing helpful recommendations and local insights.

The well-appointed rooms offered a cozy retreat, and the hotel’s proximity to nearby attractions made exploring the city a breeze. Hotel City House proved to be a delightful choice for travelers seeking a better level of comfort and service without breaking the bank.


3. Fairmont Hotel Four Seasons

Address: Neuer Jungfernstieg 9-14, 20354 Hamburg, Germany

Prepare to be captivated by the grandeur and sophistication of the Fairmont Hotel Four Seasons. Situated on the picturesque Neuer Jungfernstieg boulevard, this iconic establishment embodies timeless luxury. From the moment I arrived, I was enveloped in an atmosphere of elegance and refinement.

The opulent rooms offered a perfect blend of comfort and style, providing a tranquil sanctuary amidst the vibrant city. Impeccable service and a host of upscale amenities elevated my stay to unparalleled heights. Whether indulging in delectable cuisine, sipping cocktails with panoramic views, or simply unwinding in the luxurious surroundings, the Fairmont Hotel Four Seasons left a lasting impression.

4. Hotel Atlantic

Address: An der Alster 72-79, 20099 Hamburg, Germany

Stepping into the Hotel Atlantic felt like stepping into a bygone era of grace and sophistication. As I crossed the threshold of this historic landmark, I was transported to a world of timeless elegance and refined luxury. Overlooking the tranquil waters of the Alster Lake, the hotel exuded a captivating charm that captivated my senses.

The meticulously designed rooms offered a blend of classic and contemporary elements, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay. From the attentive staff to the impeccable service, every detail was meticulously curated to create a truly unforgettable experience. Whether marveling at the stunning views, indulging in exquisite cuisine, or simply savoring the refined ambiance, the Hotel Atlantic proved to be an extraordinary retreat.

Harborside Haven: Embracing the Modern Marvels of Hafencity

Allow me to transport you to the architectural marvel that is Hafencity, a vibrant district born anew in 2008 and proudly touted as the largest urban development project in all of Europe. Prepare to witness a symphony of contemporary design, my fellow explorers, for this is where the world’s most renowned architects have unleashed their creative prowess upon the landscape.

In recent years, a crop of brand new hotels has sprung forth, showcasing sleek and stylish interiors that cater to the modern traveler’s discerning tastes. Prepare to be dazzled by their avant-garde allure, a testament to the innovative spirit that permeates Hafencity’s very essence.

But here’s the icing on the cake, my intrepid adventurers: Hafencity finds itself in close proximity to the city center, the historic warehouse district, and the bustling port of Hamburg. This fortuitous positioning means that a multitude of top sights can be effortlessly reached from your chosen haven in no time at all. And if an enchanting harbor tour beckons, fear not, for the departure points are but a leisurely stroll away from your hotel doorstep.

Now, let us embark on an honest exploration of the advantages and disadvantages that come hand in hand with selecting a hotel in this harborside paradise.

Embracing the Upside:

  • Hafencity boasts a selection of gleaming, contemporary hotels that embody the spirit of the district, promising a stay that harmonizes seamlessly with the modern aesthetics of your surroundings.
  • The esteemed Elbphilharmonie, the captivating Speicherstadt, and the bustling harbor are all within a leisurely walking distance, granting you convenient access to some of Hamburg’s most iconic landmarks.

Yet, my curious wanderers, a few factors warrant consideration:

  • While the district is a testament to modernity, some corners may still lack the time-honored charm and vivacity that other areas exude.
  • It is worth noting that the selection of hotels in Hafencity remains relatively modest, requiring a keen eye and early reservations to secure your preferred abode.

And so, my fellow travelers, we have unraveled the tale of Hafencity, where contemporary design dances harmoniously with historic landmarks, and the allure of the harbor beckons from every direction. Armed with this knowledge, you can now embark on your quest to find the perfect hotel that will transform your Hamburg escapade into an unforgettable fusion of modernity and maritime splendor.

My hotel tips in Hafencity

In the vibrant neighborhood of Hafencity, where modern architecture meets the historic port atmosphere, you’ll find a selection of excellent hotels that perfectly capture the spirit of this unique district.

My personal recommendation is the 25hours Hotel. With its individual and city-inspired design, the 25hours hotels never fail to impress. The Hafencity location is no exception, boasting a visually stunning aesthetic that seamlessly blends with the surrounding area. While not specifically a family hotel, the quirky and creative designs will surely captivate the imaginations of children, making it a delightful choice for families traveling to Hamburg.

For a truly unforgettable experience, The Westin Hamburg is a hotel like no other. Nestled within the iconic Elbphilharmonie building, this remarkable establishment offers breathtaking views of the Port of Hamburg and the Elbe River. Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of the Elbphilharmonie and take advantage of its proximity to the Miniatur Wunderland, a world-renowned miniature model attraction that can be reached within a leisurely five-minute walk.

Good and cheap:

5. Holiday Inn Hafencity

During my stay at the Holiday Inn Hafencity, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of comfort and convenience it offered at an affordable price. The hotel’s location within Hafencity allowed me to easily explore the vibrant neighborhood and its attractions.

The rooms were well-appointed and provided all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. The friendly and attentive staff added to the positive experience, ensuring that my needs were met throughout my time at the hotel. Whether I was relaxing in the cozy room or indulging in the delicious breakfast, I felt that the Holiday Inn Hafencity provided excellent value for my money.

6. PIERDREI Hotel HafenCity

My stay at the PIERDREI Hotel HafenCity exceeded my expectations in terms of both quality and affordability. The hotel’s central location within Hafencity made it convenient for me to explore the area on foot and discover its unique charm.

The comfortable rooms offered a cozy retreat after a day of sightseeing, and the hotel’s amenities ensured that I had everything I needed for a pleasant stay. The staff was friendly and helpful, providing me with useful tips and recommendations to make the most of my time in Hamburg. Overall, the PIERDREI Hotel HafenCity provided a great value for budget-conscious travelers without compromising on comfort and service.

Best experience:

7. 25hours Old Port Authority

Staying at the 25hours Old Port Authority was a delightful experience that perfectly captured the essence of Hafencity. The hotel’s unique design, inspired by the maritime heritage of the area, created a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. The rooms were stylishly decorated and offered modern comforts, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

I particularly enjoyed the hotel’s attention to detail, with thoughtful touches that reflected the neighborhood’s rich history. The location was ideal, allowing me to easily explore the lively streets, visit nearby attractions, and immerse myself in the bustling energy of Hafencity. From the friendly staff to the exceptional amenities, the 25hours Old Port Authority provided a memorable and enjoyable stay.

8. Ameron Speicherstadt

My stay at the Ameron Speicherstadt was marked by elegance and sophistication. The hotel’s prime location in the heart of the historic Speicherstadt district allowed me to experience the charm of this UNESCO World Heritage site firsthand. The beautifully designed rooms exuded a sense of luxury and offered breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

I was impressed by the attention to detail and the impeccable service provided by the hotel staff. Whether I was indulging in the sumptuous dining options or unwinding in the spa, I felt truly pampered during my time at the Ameron Speicherstadt. The combination of its elegant ambiance, excellent amenities, and convenient location made it a top choice for those seeking a better hotel experience in Hafencity.

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For Night Owls: Hotels in St. Pauli

If you’re seeking to immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife of Hamburg, my fellow revelers, there is only one place to be when it comes to finding the perfect hotel: St. Pauli.

Here in the heart of the Kiez, you’ll find a plethora of hotels to choose from. What’s more, the price range in this district tends to be more budget-friendly compared to Hafencity or the city center. And for those seeking affordable accommodation without compromising on quality, fear not, for St. Pauli offers a commendable selection of hostels that will suit your needs.

The most renowned attractions in close proximity, my night-loving comrades, are none other than the legendary Reeperbahn and the historic Old Elbe Tunnel. Prepare to be swept away by the pulsating energy that permeates these iconic landmarks.

Now, let’s delve into the advantages and considerations that come with selecting a hotel in St. Pauli, where the night truly comes alive:

Embracing the Upside:

  • St. Pauli boasts a wide range of hotels spanning all price ranges, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect accommodation to suit your budget.
  • The district is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, with a perpetual buzz of activity that guarantees you’ll never experience a dull moment, particularly during the evenings.
  • Enjoy the convenience of excellent transport connections, allowing you to explore other parts of Hamburg with ease.

However, my fellow night owls, a few factors merit consideration:

  • It is important to note that St. Pauli can be lively and, at times, loud, as the district comes alive with revelry.
  • While the city center is not within walking distance, fret not, for convenient transport options are readily available to whisk you away to other parts of Hamburg.

And there you have it, my nocturnal comrades: the allure of St. Pauli, where a wide selection of hotels awaits your arrival, promising a vibrant and unforgettable experience in Hamburg’s captivating nightlife scene. Choose wisely, my friends, and prepare to embark on a journey where the night is your playground and the city pulses with excitement at every turn.

Unveiling My Hotel Gems in St. Pauli

In the vibrant district of St. Pauli, I stumbled upon a collection of hidden gems that captured my heart. Allow me to share my personal recommendations, each promising an experience far removed from the cookie-cutter chains that dominate the hotel landscape.

First and foremost, let me introduce you to Chez Ronny, an embodiment of artistic eccentricity nestled amidst the bustling streets of St. Pauli. Its audacious design and unconventional spirit make it a true standout in Hamburg. Prepare to be captivated by its avant-garde allure, for Chez Ronny dares to defy convention.

But wait, my discerning voyagers, there’s more to uncover. Behold the Empire Riverside Hotel, a haven of refined elegance that houses the illustrious 20up bar. As I ascended to its heights, a breathtaking vista of Hamburg unfolded before my eyes. While this sought-after establishment may often have a line of eager patrons, fear not, for as a guest of the hotel, I enjoyed expedited access to this panoramic sanctuary. Prepare to be enthralled by the epitome of sophistication that the Empire Riverside exudes, making it a pinnacle of refined luxury amidst the vibrant streets of St. Pauli.

So there you have it, my fellow adventurers, my personal treasures in St. Pauli. Embrace the audacious allure of Chez Ronny and savor the enchanting vistas from the Empire Riverside Hotel. Choose wisely, my friends, and prepare to immerse yourself in the captivating tapestry of St. Pauli, where unforgettable moments await at every turn.

Good and cheap:

9. Chez-Ronny

Address: Sternschanze 6, 20357 Hamburg, Germany

Located in the lively Sternschanze neighborhood, Chez-Ronny offers a delightful budget-friendly experience in Hamburg. During my stay, I was impressed by the hotel’s warm and welcoming atmosphere. The rooms were cozy and clean, providing a comfortable retreat after a day of exploring the city. With its central location, I found it convenient to discover the vibrant nightlife, trendy shops, and diverse dining options that surrounded the hotel. Chez-Ronny is an excellent choice for budget-conscious travelers looking for a comfortable and accessible stay in Hamburg.

10. Superbude St. Pauli

Address: Juliusstraße 1-7, 22769 Hamburg, Germany

My stay at Superbude St. Pauli was nothing short of fantastic. The hotel’s unique and vibrant design immediately caught my attention. Each room was creatively decorated, showcasing the artistic spirit of the St. Pauli district. The communal areas were lively, providing ample opportunities to meet fellow travelers and exchange stories. The location was perfect, allowing me to explore the colorful neighborhood and immerse myself in its energetic atmosphere. With its affordable rates and lively ambiance, Superbude St. Pauli is a remarkable choice for travelers seeking a memorable and budget-friendly experience in Hamburg.

Best experience:

11. Empire Riverside

Address: Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 97, 20359 Hamburg, Germany

From the moment I stepped into Empire Riverside, I was captivated by its contemporary elegance. The spacious and stylishly furnished rooms offered a luxurious retreat with panoramic views of the city. The highlight of my stay was the rooftop bar, where I indulged in delectable cocktails while marveling at the breathtaking vistas of Hamburg’s skyline. The hotel’s central location allowed me to easily explore the city’s attractions, vibrant nightlife, and cultural hotspots. Empire Riverside surpassed my expectations, providing a memorable and sophisticated experience in Hamburg.

12. East

Address: Simon-von-Utrecht-Straße 31, 20359 Hamburg, Germany

During my stay at East Hotel, I was enchanted by its blend of modern design and Eastern influences. The meticulously decorated rooms exuded a sense of tranquility and provided a haven of comfort. I savored every moment at the trendy restaurant and bar, immersing myself in the vibrant atmosphere and indulging in delightful culinary creations. Located in the vibrant St. Pauli district, the hotel offered a perfect balance between relaxation and exploration. East Hotel truly surpassed my expectations, providing a luxurious and unforgettable stay in Hamburg.


13. The Westin Hamburg

Address: Platz der Deutschen Einheit 2, 20457 Hamburg, Germany

My experience at The Westin Hamburg was nothing short of extraordinary. The hotel’s location within the iconic Elbphilharmonie building was a testament to its exclusivity and grandeur. From the elegantly designed rooms, I enjoyed breathtaking views of the Port of Hamburg and the majestic Elbe River. The hotel’s exceptional dining options tantalized my taste buds, while the wellness spa provided a serene sanctuary for relaxation. The Westin Hamburg exceeded my every expectation, offering a luxurious and unforgettable escape in the heart of the city.

Stage Theater in the Port of Hamburg: The Lion King

If you’re planning to attend the mesmerizing musical The Lion King at the Stage Theater in the Port of Hamburg, you’re in for a treat. The theater’s location adds a touch of magic to the experience, as you can hop on a harbor ferry from the Landungsbrücken and arrive at the theater in just a few minutes. It’s truly a unique and exhilarating way to reach your musical destination.

Hotel Recommendation:

14. Hotel Stella Maris

Address: Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 10, 20359 Hamburg, Germany

For a stylish and affordable stay near the Stage Theater, I highly recommend Hotel Stella Maris. Situated right next to the Landungsbrücken, this hotel offers convenience and comfort in a prime location. After enjoying the musical, you can easily retreat to the hotel within minutes. The chic and modern rooms provide a relaxing atmosphere, ensuring a pleasant stay during your musical visit.

For a slightly more upscale option:

15. Empire Riverside

Address: Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 97, 20359 Hamburg, Germany

If you’re seeking a more luxurious experience, look no further than Empire Riverside. This design hotel, which we’ve already recommended for its proximity to Sankt Pauli, is also located directly at the port of Hamburg. Its contemporary and stylish ambiance perfectly complements a memorable musical experience. Immerse yourself in the elegant surroundings and enjoy the convenience of being just steps away from the Stage Theater.

For those attending a musical at the Neue Flora theater in the Altona-Nord district, finding accommodation nearby might be a bit challenging. However, fear not, as there are excellent options within a short distance, and the vibrant St. Pauli district is just a pleasant walk away.

Hotel Recommendation:

16. Boston Hotel

Address: Missundestraße 2, 22769 Hamburg, Germany

Located right next to the Neue Flora theater, Boston Hotel offers modern and comfortable rooms. A personal highlight is the crackling fireplace in the lounge, which adds a cozy touch on cold winter days. After immersing yourself in the musical’s captivating performances, you can retreat to this welcoming hotel and relax in its inviting ambiance.

If you prefer a more budget-friendly option:

17. Superbude Hostel

Address: Juliusstraße 1-7, 22769 Hamburg, Germany

Already featured in our hotel recommendations for Sankt Pauli, Superbude Hostel offers a unique and lively atmosphere. This affordable accommodation is within a ten-minute walk from the Neue Flora theater, allowing you to easily reach your musical destination. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group, Superbude Hostel provides a comfortable stay with its creatively designed rooms and vibrant communal spaces.

Unlocking the Splendors of Hamburg’s Finest Hotels: Unveiling Your Path to Unforgettable Accommodations

As our adventure through Hamburg draws to a close, it is time to reflect on the remarkable tapestry of hotels that await the discerning traveler. These handpicked gems are poised to immerse you in the city’s vibrant spirit, ensuring an experience that transcends the ordinary.

From the timeless elegance of the legendary Atlantic Hotel, where whispers of Udo Lindenberg’s presence still linger, to the captivating modernity of the 25hours Hotel in Hafencity, each accommodation embodies the essence of Hamburg in its own unique way. Prepare to surrender to the allure of impeccable service, captivating designs, and unparalleled locations, knowing that you have chosen a sanctuary that harmonizes flawlessly with your Hamburg odyssey.

With this guide as your trusted companion, you can navigate the rich tapestry of Hamburg’s best hotels, effortlessly finding the ideal haven for your sojourn. Surrender to the charm of the Atlantic Hotel, embrace the avant-garde ambiance of the 25hours Hotel, or revel in the pulsating nightlife of Chez-Ronny in St. Pauli. The choice is yours, and the rewards are endless.

Let the captivating allure of these remarkable hotels elevate your Hamburg adventure to new heights. Immerse yourself in the city’s captivating culture, vibrant history, and irresistible energy, secure in the knowledge that a haven of comfort and style awaits your return.

So, dear travelers, seize the moment and secure your stay at one of these exquisite hotels. Indulge in the opulence, embrace the authenticity, and savor the captivating moments that will weave themselves into the fabric of your Hamburg memories. The stage is set, and the spotlight awaits. Let Hamburg’s finest hotels be your ticket to an unforgettable journey.