31 Essential Bucket List Experiences in Germany

Are you thinking what fun things you could do in Germany? You’re exactly where you need to be! Here is a list of essential bucket list experiences to do in Germany. Weather indoor, sporty, as cheap as possible or for the whole family, I am sure you will find plenty of interesting activities for you in Germany.

The Moselle Loop’s via ferrata

The via ferrata in the Moselle loop is another loop and another sport in western Germany. The steepest vineyard in all of Europe is traversed by the Calmont via ferrata on the way to the viewing platform. A via ferrata set is not necessarily required, but basic athleticism, surefootedness, and a mind for heights are. A safe ascent is made possible by steel cables, ladders, and step bars despite the nearly 200 meters of elevation that must be surmounted. You have earned the enormous view of the Moselle loop once you reach the top. After taking a few deep breaths, move toward Bremm.

Saarschleife Treetop Path

You should use the treetop trail if you want a clear view of the lovely Saarschleife. The viewing point is accessible by broad boardwalks that ascend above the treetops. By the way, there are lots of adventure stations along the way up. The family can enjoy the trip destination because in addition to the road, there is an adventure forest for kids. I suggest taking a hike on the Saarschleife, such as the 16-kilometer Tafeltour.

Geierlay rope suspension bridge

Rope suspension bridge at GeierlayEvery day, a large number of people visit the 360-meter-long pedestrian suspension rope bridge that spans the Mörsdorfer Bachtal. It is Germany’s second-longest rope suspension bridge and a particularly spectacular attraction, behind the Titan RT at the Rappbode dam. Of course, the 62-ton bridge’s design and construction are masterpieces. By the way, you can cross the bridge whenever you want for no cost. Since it is not far to get from the parking lot to the bridge, it is worthwhile to extend the excursion with a quick circular hike, such the 7-kilometer Geierlay loop. so that you may get a better look and explore the landscape and bridge below.

Phoenix West & Phoenix Lake Skywalk

The Skywalk Phoenix West is another another amazing thing to do in the Ruhr region. You ascend 70 meters on a former industrial site, pass by an old gas plant, and then take the “Skywalk” to experience a breathtaking view over the coal furnace’s lush lungs. If you schedule a guided tour for just before sunset, you will not only see the city’s sea of lights at night, but also a lit-up remnant of Dortmund’s industrial past. The Phoenix Hall or the Phoenixplatz in front of the Hüttenmann are the meeting places for the tours.

Landscape Park in North Duisburg

What initially appears to be a sizable abandoned industrial area is popularly referred to as “LaPaDu” in the Ruhr region, which stands for Landscape Park Duisburg Nord. On the 180-hectare site, a number of Meiderich ironworks machinery were still in operation prior to 1985. The location has been transformed into a popular destination for arts and leisure activities. For instance, there are a number of events each year, a high ropes course, a climbing park, and diving opportunities in the gasometer. Even just strolling around the grounds is an adventure! You can find even more industrial culture in the Ruhrpott if you explore around more closely.

The Rakotz Bridge in Kromlauer Park

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany is the Rakotz Bridge in Kromlauer Park, Saxony. Despite the fact that many individuals have undoubtedly seen the renowned bridge image, very few have actually visited it. Photographers particularly like the old basalt-stone bridge because of the way it reflects in the river. Due to its unique design and look, which at the time seemed impossibly impossible, the bridge is also frequently referred to as the Devil’s Bridge. You have two options for getting to this lovely photo location: either park at Weißenstadt and walk a few kilometers to the bridge, or drive straight to the visitor parking lot at the Kromlauer Rhododendron Park near the town of Gablenz.

Kayak Tour on the Lusatian Lakes

One of the greatest manmade lake sceneries in Germany and Europe is that of the Lusatian lakes. There are now several options for recreational activity where lignite was mined 150 years ago. Examples include biking, skating, swimming, kayaking, stand-up paddling, and quad trips. A boat tour on one of the lakes, such as a kayak tour on Lake Geierswald, is a necessity. The well-known lighthouse hotel, which has evolved into a lakeside landmark, is also nearby. The best course of action is to rent a kayak for the entire day so that you can stop frequently or paddle through a lock to reach Lake Senftenberg through the Koschen Canal.

Visit the GDR Eisenhüttenstadt

You might not initially consider visiting Eisenhüttenstadt when considering the best things to do in Germany, but I’ll explain why this location made the cut: Because Eisenhüttenstadt was the GDR’s first planned city, the majority of it didn’t even exist before 1950. This city, which was created from nothing, is still accessible today and serves as a living testimony to the socialist influences that pervaded Germany at the time. Join a city tour or go to the documentation center for GDR everyday life to learn about GDR history. The gasometer, the EKO steelworks’ gates, blast furnace No. 1, the Soviet cemetery, and the fire brigade museum are among the further landmarks in Eisenhüttenstadt. While the historical area of the city (Fürstenberg) with the Gothic parish church from the 14th century and the narrow streets is a contrast, the murals on the walls, the tunnels through the residential buildings, and the architecture of the partially renovated residential complexes all strongly evoke the old GDR.

Canoeing in the Seeland Oder-Spree

East of Berlin, in perfect contrast to the urban jungle, is the natural wonderland known as the Seenland Oder-Spree. Water bodies are important in this situation. The Scharmutzelsee, which has been named Germany’s most beautiful lake on two separate occasions, is one popular pastime. The Oder-Spree lake district, which includes more than 200 more lakes, rivers, and canals, offers a variety of water sports, including canoe trips, stand-up paddling, wakeboarding, and more. A Spree canoe journey from Trebatsch to Beeskow is our personal insider recommendation. Rent a canoe. It just takes four hours, including breaks, to easily paddle the 12 kilometers. The journey is really idyllic, it is not crowded, and you may reward in Beeskow. The road is really picturesque, not too crowded, and in Beeskow, at the ice cream shop ICEGUERILLA, you may treat yourself to the best vanilla ice cream in Germany. If you have a lot of arm strength, you can also take on great multi-day canoe adventures.

Hike to the Schrammsteinen in Saxon Switzerland

Saxon Switzerland in the east is just as well-known as the Wadden Sea in the north. Everyone has undoubtedly seen a photograph of Saxon Switzerland’s famed Bastei or Schrammsteinen. The Elbe Sandstone Mountains are identified by their ragged rocks that protrude high from the earth. It is recommended to take the half-day circular route to the Schrammstein vista through the Malerweg to the so-called Liebestor if you wish to experience this natural wonder firsthand. It all begins in Bad Schandau.

Hike through the ghost forest on the Baltic Sea

Have you ever heard of the Baltic Sea ghost forest? On the coast close to Nienhagen, there is an exceptional forest that is roughly 100 meters broad and 1.3 kilometers long. The oak, beech, and ash trees in this woodland are up to 170 years old, strangely spaced apart, and occasionally have odd shapes. Fog and wind particularly at dusk create a really scary and mystical environment. While some people are afraid, others set up their tripods and cameras to try to take a photo of this unique location.

Germany’s Wattwandern is a very distinctive tourist destination. The largest Wadden Sea in the world is, incidentally, located on the North Sea coast. Twice daily, high and low tides alternate, and a vast natural habitat for a wide variety of animals is created by the tideways, shallow water, sandbanks, and dunes. The topic of where to hike on the mudflats best comes immediately. Hikes to the Arngaster lighthouse in Jadebusen and to the East Frisian islands like Spiekeroog, Baltrum, and Norderney are good places to start. If you have a destination in sight, it’s simpler to navigate the muck.

You should definitely reserve a guided tour through the Wadden Sea if you want to learn more about the inhabitants and unique characteristics of the area or are here for the first time. If you are unfamiliar with the tides and the terrain of the area and the water suddenly returns, a mudflat hike may not be as safe.

Safari Island on Usedom

It sounds like an exotic leisure activity in Germany to go on an island safari on Usedom. The concept: A safari jeep is used to explore the rocky, green island with its endless white beaches, lakes, mountains, moors, woodlands, and hidden bays. Of course, there are animals to observe as well as natural attractions during the numerous day tours. The tours typically begin early in the morning so that you can still enjoy exclusive access to particular natural wonders like the Gothensee or Schmollensee. There are several brief breaks throughout the 15-minute safari jeep sections. Of course, physical well-being is also taken care of, whether it be through a BBQ event in the evening or a picnic lunch in the open air.


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Harbor tour in Hamburg

Northern Germany’s top attraction is a harbor cruise in Hamburg. Whether you are a local or a visitor, seeing Hamburg’s top attractions from the sea is a memorable experience. These include the Elbphilharmonie, the Moated Castle, the Customs Canal, the Warehouse District, and the Port of Hamburg. In the evening, the harbor of Hamburg emits a really unique atmosphere. Then how about ending the day with a little boat ride.

There are lots of suggestions for fun recreational activities here, like ziplining, stand-up paddling, mountain biking, and more. Plan a hike, for instance, to the Titan RT, the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge, the Blue Lake, or the Unicorn Cave. With the 120-meter-long Harzdrenalin Megazipline in the summer and skiing on the Bocksberg in the winter, adventure seekers get their money’s worth.

Kitesurfing on the North or Baltic Sea

Although kitesurfing is a challenging activity, you should give it a try if you enjoy being active and on the sea. A taster session or multi-day beginner’s course is beneficial for beginners to master the technique and comprehend the wind. There are a few dry runs on the beach before you get in the water so you can practice handling the kite, shifting your weight, and understanding what a “power zone” is. After the taster course, you can immediately book the subsequent course if you succeed in your initial tries. You have the ideal tailwind to learn about this intriguing sport in the North and Baltic Seas.

Sailing on the North or Baltic Sea

Sailing on the Baltic or North Sea undoubtedly gives off a holiday vibe. In Germany, a cool pastime would undoubtedly include the wind, the sea, the beach, and perhaps a lovely sunset. On the North or Baltic Seas, you can actually enroll in a sailing course or reserve a sailing vacation. You should visit places like Kiel, Rostock-Warnemünde, or Flensburg, for instance. All daily concerns are swiftly forgotten as the skipper shouts, “Cast off!” and the wind fills the sails. Of course, you are free to drive yourself and maintain the route if you choose.

Cycling in the Franconian wine country

German wine of the highest caliber is produced in the Franconian wine region, as the name suggests. Winegrowing is therefore strongly ingrained in cities like Würzburg, Kitzingen, or Iphofen, which is also reflected in the numerous festivals that take place throughout the year. One of Germany’s most picturesque cycling routes, the 600-kilometer MainRadweg, is recommended if you want to experience and see the wine in addition to tasting it (from the sources to the mouth of the Main). On the other hand, you can also walk through the nearby wineries of Würzburg or Kitzingen. The great day out is then completed with a trip at a reputable winery.


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Being active in the Black Forest on the Feldberg

Despite being only 1,277 meters high, the Feldberg in the Upper Black Forest offers a multitude of experiences, whether you’re seeking for family travel or sporting activities. The mountain tempts you to go hiking, mountain biking, or high-ropes climbing in the summer. On the other side, during the winter you may go snowshoeing through the Winter Wonderland or swing the curves on the 63 kilometers of slopes. Adults and kids can burn off steam in the bouldering hall, high ropes park, or trampoline park at the Funorena indoor sports facility. Fans of food should undoubtedly visit the Black Forest Ham Museum.

Hike to the Urach Waterfall near Stuttgart

Not only does Bavaria have lovely treks and waterfalls, but the neighboring state of Baden-Württemberg also has them. The Gütersteiner and the Uracher Wasserfall are two stunning waterfalls that may be found close to Stuttgart, namely in the town of Bad Urach. Between the waterfalls, a ridge known as “Runder Berg” rises. On this plateau, there used to be a number of early historical and prehistoric hilltop communities. For instance, you can pause at the Maisentalstüble. It is worthwhile to include a brief stop at the Hohenurach castle ruins to the 2.5-hour circular trip. The route was named “Germany’s most beautiful hiking trail” due to its stunning beauty.

Bavaria Film Studios in Munich

During a 90-minute tour of Bavaria Filmstadt, you will learn more about how movies are made. An original scene from “Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver,” “Stowaway,” “The Boat,” and other movies is described in depth by the tour guide. You can get a close-up look at the walk-in space station and experience being a movie star. You’ll also find many of interactive attractions where you may showcase your skills for the camera. The 4D theater is yet another highlight of Bavaria Filmstadt, in addition to the guided tour. A full day should absolutely be set up for this fun leisure activity.

Isidor via ferrata at Königssee

Beginners can attempt the Grünstein via ferrata directly on the Königssee (Isidor version), which ranges in difficulty from A to C. The suspension bridge and the so-called “picture hole,” which are located between the walking and climbing routes, are without a doubt two highlights. You require roughly 2 hours for the via ferrata itself, but you should budget a solid 4-5 hours for the ascent, descent, and breaks. Above all, don’t skip the summit snack with a stunning view of the Königssee. The Grünsteig via ferrata is one of the best recreational opportunities in the south of Germany in our opinion.

Electric boating on Lake Constance

The 63 km long Lake Constance spans Germany, Austria, and Switzerland amid the foothills of the Alps. One of the most exquisite vacation destinations is Lindau, which is situated right on the lake. Renting an electric boat to explore Lake Constance is simple here. But Lake Constance in Germany is also a popular location for sailing, windsurfing, and bathing. You are undoubtedly in the right place if you’re seeking for a little cooling off and a vacation vibe at home throughout the summer.

Canyoning & rafting in Allgäu

Rafting on the Iller in the Allgäu is very exciting due to the numerous rapids. You are aboard a boat with three to six other people, and you are all attempting to steer it collectively. On the tour, there are always more sedate areas for beginners. Here, you can take a quick break, jump into the river, or simply take in the breathtaking scenery. Canyoning has a similar wild side. You travel through a gorge wearing a wetsuit and water shoes, occasionally having to jump, abseil, or descend a short distance. A fun pastime in the southern part of Germany for everyone who like action and doesn’t mind getting wet.

Climbing in Frankenjura

With more than 1,000 climbing rocks and 10,000 climbing routes, the so-called Frankenjura is one of the best and largest climbing places in Germany. A climber’s paradise that is also ideal for beginners due to the rock’s extreme slickness. Anyone who has never participated in this pastime should start with a basic or taster lesson. A climbing instructor provides the necessary gear, including a climbing harness, helmet, and ropes, and they start off by giving theoretical and practical teachings right there on the rock. You can provide a hand for the first time and ascend up the rock vertically once the safety knot is tied.

The Ammersee, which is close to Munich, is a fantastic location with lots of fun recreational alternatives. You have the option of renting an electric boat, a rowing boat, a SUP, or a tiny sailing boat because there aren’t many motor boats on the lake. However, without prior expertise, sailing on the lake is practically impossible. In this situation, we advise booking a sailing tour on a sailing yacht with an expert skipper. You can even steer the yacht yourself if you’d want to help with the sail-setting. The pause for breakfast on a clear day and the view of the Zugspitze are further attractions.

Take a trip to the Berchtesgaden Salt Mine.

Good fortune! Because the greeting among the mountain farmers was meant to convey the hope of fruitful work, that is how you are met in the salt mine in Berchtesgaden. In Germany’s oldest operating salt mine, salt is still grown, and the display mine is frequently used for guided tours. Since 1517, this location has produced the cleanest alpine brine. Of course, today’s jobs are different from those from the past. During the on-site tour, you may learn more about the fascinating history up close.

Hike or take a cable car to the Zugspitze

The Zugspitze, Germany’s tallest mountain at approximately 3,000 meters, is a popular tourist destination. It is theoretically possible to stand on the roof of Germany without breaking a sweat because to the Zugspitzbahn, which transports passengers there with ease. One of the hiking trails is better if you have a little more time and are active. You’ll find cottages with hearty meals, a stunning mountain view, and maybe even one or two mountain goats. But there are even more fun things to do in the Zugspitze region, such the climb to Kreuzeck or the Mittenwalder via ferrata.

Waldwipfelweg & “Haus am Kopf” in St. Englmar

The Baumwipfelweg in St. Englmar, located in the heart of the Bavarian Forest, ascends to a height of 30 meters. Since there won’t be any movement beneath your feet, having a head for heights is a requirement if you want to take in the view. A little “trail of optical phenomena,” an alpaca family to pet, and a “upside down house” that will astound you and make for a cute photo backdrop are all located just close to the treetop path.

Body Flying in the Jochen Schweizer Arena in Munich

The Jochen Schweizer Arena in Munich offers a multitude of experiences. There is also a fast air current that moves at 285 km/h that may lift you into the air, in addition to a high ropes course and an indoor surfing facility. You will have a sense of free fall if you maintain the required level of body tension in the air channel. Therefore, you may just rent a room in the wind tunnel for a short period of time if you don’t necessarily want to leap out of the plane. It is a singular activity in Germany and is not available anyplace else.

Climbing parks and high ropes courses

Climbing and high ropes courses are undoubtedly not just a favorite pastime of kids, but also of adults. Some classes are very challenging and physically demanding; the following day, strained arm muscles are sometimes an unavoidable occurrence. It’s a lot of fun to climb from tree to tree and navigate many challenges! In many areas around Germany, there are now high ropes and climbing gardens, so you can definitely find this sport nearby. Anywhere on the property, you can rent safety gear like a helmet and climbing harness, and following a quick safety orientation, you can start climbing right away.

You may go mountain riding in various locations throughout Germany. We highly advise newbies to take a technique course before really getting started. Mountain riding appears simpler than it is, and using the incorrect technique can lead to serious problems. Let the expert demonstrate how to handle challenging locations and redistribute your weight as efficiently as possible. A beginner’s mountain bike course is not only very beneficial but also a lot of fun. It is absolutely worthwhile to check out the sport because Germany has a lot of mountain bike routes and parks.

Amusement parks are undoubtedly among the coolest and most well-liked leisure activities in Germany. They captivate people of all ages and offer a variety of thrills. The German theme parks Europapark Rust, Skyline Park in Allgäu, Holiday Park in Hassloch, Belantis amusement park near Leipzig, Hansa-Park in Sierksdorf, Movie-Park in Bottrop, Heide Park in Soltau, Legoland in Günzburg, or Phantasialand in Brühl all have roller coasters, carousels, and other attractions.

Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

In recent years, stand-up paddling has grown to be a very well-liked and hip pastime in Germany. The market for SUP brands and rental businesses is constantly expanding. It makes sense considering that you can stand up paddle on any lake, pond, or river. A slight sense of balance is all you need to keep from slipping into the ocean. It doesn’t hurt to take a training to learn the proper technique for progressing with the SUP. You can also purchase an inflatable board on your own if stand-up paddling has become your new passion.

Dinner in the Dark

A “Dinner in the Dark” entails turning off the lights and your vision while turning on your other senses. You will be served a multi-course meal in total darkness, and you will be able to identify what is on the plate in front of you using your senses of taste and smell. Due to the difficulty of using knives, forks, and spoons in the dark, some skill is also needed. The unconventional activity of “Dinner in the Dark” is not only delicious but also a lot of fun.


With paragliding, you may effortlessly glide through the skies and experience what it’s like to be completely free. Don’t worry; if you simply “hang on” to an expert paraglider, you don’t need any prior experience. Tandem flights are available throughout Germany’s mountainous regions. You won’t quickly forget this exercise if the weather and wind are favorable. If you’re fortunate, you may even get a few updrafts and be able to fly sharp turns. This activity comes with free adrenaline!