30 Best Places to See Cherry Blossom in Germany (2023)

I have put together a list of 30 best places to see cherry blossom in Germany. Many dream of seeing the cherry blossoms live in Japan. But mostly it’s not that easy, because the cherries in Japan usually only bloom for a few days, sometimes only for hours in bad weather conditions. But you don’t have to travel that far to experience great cherry blossoms – the good things are often much closer than you think. Because there are also many places in Germany where you can admire the beautiful blossoms of the cherry.

I would like to introduce you to the best cherry blossom spots in Germany. Maybe there is one or the other for you. Then you just have to pay attention to the weather. The cherries usually bloom in April. Depending on the area, the flowers come sooner or later. Mild or severe winters also affect the timing of cherry blossoms. For some of the places there is information on the web that can be used to find the best time for a trip.

Bonn – Heerstrasse

In Germany, the cherry blossom in Bonn is probably best known. Due to its location, the blossom here is particularly early in the year and attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Thousands of Japanese ornamental cherries were planted here on Heerstraße in the middle of Bonn’s old town as early as the 1980s. In addition to Heerstrasse, you can also admire the flowers on Maxstrasse, Breite Strasse and Friedrichstrasse. No wonder Bonn becomes a popular photo spot in spring.

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Hamburg Altona also has countless cherry blossoms to admire every year. In the 1960s, several thousand Japanese ornamental cherries were planted around the Altona Town Hall and in the Altona Balcony Park, as well as around the Outer Alster Lake.

Since 2015, Hamburg has been able to elect a cherry blossom queen alongside Washington and Honolulu as a non-Japanese city. This is chosen as part of the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival, which is organized by the German-Japanese Society. The highlight is the fireworks at the Outer Alster.

How to get there: for the cherry blossom season, it is best to get off at the Altonaer Rathaus stop and then explore the area on foot | You can reach the flower on the Alster via the main train station or the Jungfernstieg stop | Motorists head for the parking lot at the Fischmarkt or the Parkering multi-storey car park.

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Berlin – across the city

Our capital offers several places where you can admire the cherry blossoms. Among other things, there are countless cherry trees on Bösebrücke and Bornholmer Straße between Lichterfelde-Süd and Teltow. These were planted more than 15 years ago by TV Asahi, a Japanese TV station based in Berlin. The wall used to run along here, today there is a wonderful natural spectacle to admire here in spring. There is also a Japanese cherry blossom festival every year on the longest avenue of cherry blossoms in Berlin and Brandenburg.

And you can also admire the beautiful flowers at the following places in Berlin:

Marzahn – Gardens of the World – a cherry blossom festival also takes place here every year, celebrating the countless blossoms in the Japanese, Chinese and Korean gardens
Pankow – Are you looking for white cherry blossoms? Then you should visit the Blanksteinpark, because that’s where the double cherry blossoms bloom.
Treptow/Neukölln – along the Landwehr Canal you can admire 45 cherry trees in the very center
Lichtenberg – Near the Wartenberg S-Bahn station you will find around 50 cherry trees in the north-east landscape park on the Hagenower Ring, which will enchant you with their blossoms
Prenzlauer Berg – a total of 50 trees were also planted on the border strip in Schwedter Straße in 2003 as part of the Sakura campaign, which can be admired today
Friedrichshain – Cherry trees and borders seem to go well together in Berlin. Because the flowers can also be admired along the East Side Gallery
Neukölln – Schlosspark Britz – the Britz tree blossom also celebrates the cherry blossom among other things. There are also various showmen and rides to experience

Of course, this is only a small selection. The city offers plenty of other opportunities to observe the blossoms of the cherry trees.

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Franconian Switzerland

With 200,000 cherry trees on an area of 2,500 hectares, Franconian Switzerland is one of the largest closed cherry-growing areas in Germany. Here you can experience the flowers wonderfully while hiking or on a bike tour.

You will find a particularly large number of blossoms on the Pretzfeld cherry nature trail and around the Walberla. The blooming splendor is also celebrated here every year at the Walberla Festival and at the Pretzfeld Cherry Festival.

Directions: You can reach both places via the A73 or A9 | By train, it is best to head towards Forchheim and then use local public transport

Hanover – Hiroshima Grove

Probably the most Japanese cherry blossoms can be experienced in Hanover. Because these were given to the city by its sister city Hiroshima in 1987. A total of 110 cherry trees (to commemorate the 110,000 Japanese who died during the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945) on the site of the former Alte Bult racecourse not only invite you to marvel, but also to a picnic, which is typical for Japan.

The special thing here – Somei Yoshino (in white-pink) and Yae Zakura (in pink) flower one after the other and thus ensure an even longer flowering enjoyment.

How to get there: by S-Bahn lines S1, S2, S4, S5, S8, S21, S51 station Bismarckstraße | U6 Station Children’s Hospital on the Bult | Alternatively by car – district garage Hildesheimer Straße

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Witzenhausen – cherry trail

In Witzenhausen in Hesse, there are also plenty of cherry blossoms to admire along the Werra on the cherry trail. Around 100,000 cherry trees on the orchards around the half-timbered town await visitors and photographers.

And here, too, there is a special feature: Because in Witzenhausen cherries were and are grown for purchase, for experimental purposes or to preserve the variety. As a result, there is a particularly large variety of cherry varieties to discover here.

How to get there: The city is located on three main roads – the B451, 27 and 80. There is a separate parking lot for the cherry hiking trail

Schwetzingen – Castle Garden

If you go for a walk in the Schwetziger Palace Garden in spring, you can admire and enjoy countless Japanese cherry trees in white, pink and pink. Some shortcomings in this enjoyment – the entrance fee is €8.00 for adults (as of 2022). The flowering barometer will tell you when the perfect time is to visit the castle gardens.

How to get there: The castle is in the immediate vicinity of the Schwetzingen train station | You can also park at the train station

Magdeburg – wooden path

No, you are absolutely not on the wrong track here. Instead, the street north of Magdeburg is flanked by a total of four rows of cherry trees. Strolling here in spring just puts you in a good mood. The whole thing can also be wonderfully combined with a visit to the FLORAPARK shopping center.

Leipzig – Grassi Museum

In Leipzig you can marvel at a good two dozen cherry trees in the park at the Grassi Museum. Then is also the best time to settle down here for a small picnic. Then you can feel like in Japan.

How to get there: by tram lines 4, 7, 12, 15 – Johannisplatz station | You can park in the Q-Park Augustusplatz, among other places

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Mössingen – meadow orchards

The small town of Mössingen is located near Tübingen. There are countless meadow orchards that are filled with cherry blossoms in all colors in spring. Among other things, you can marvel at this splendor on the “Streuobstwegle”.

In addition to the cherry trees, the cherry plum, also known as myrobalane, also blooms here. This is a normally short, broad shrub, but can grow up to 8 meters tall.

How to get there: You can reach Mössingen by train or by car via the B27 from Tübingen.

Hofheim am Taunus – turret

The light pink Somei Yoshino cherry trees are blooming around the turret, part of Hofheim’s old city wall and the former synagogue. The city is not far from Frankfurt and you can combine the cherry blossom here with a visit to a restaurant and a glass of Ebbelwei.

By the way, to make the whole thing even more Japanese, there is a Japanese red Toori nearby.

How to get there: by S-Bahn line S2 from Frankfurt main station | you can reach the city by car via the A66

Around Castle Teck

You can also experience the “Swabian Hanami” around Teck Castle. Whether from Neidlingen, Kirchheim, Weilheim or Owen. Everywhere you can experience and discover the wonderfully blooming meadow orchards. In the flower ticker you can always see what kind of flowers are waiting for you and where.

How to get there: Teck Castle is located directly on the A8 and is therefore very easy to reach | You can also get here easily by public transport.


As the word “Swabian Hanami” already suggests, there are many other places in Baden-Württemberg with a great cherry blossom. Some of them are:

Dettingen/Erms – Lots of meadow orchards await you along the Albtrauf. If you like the path, you can hike the cherry path here.
Leonberg – The bitter orange garden at the castle enchants with Japanese ornamental cherries, on the Ehrenberg and Schumisberg you can also hike through more cherry blossoms
Neu-Ulm – on the banks of the Danube parallel to Augsburger Straße there are also plenty of cherry blossoms to admire in spring
Baden-Baden – In front of the drinking hall and along the Lichtentaler Allee you can admire the soft pink carpet of flowers
Reutlingen – There are also numerous opportunities to hike under the cherry trees around Reutlingen
Grabenstetten – And there are also plenty of cherry blossoms to admire on the orchard nature trail in Grabenstetten

Altes Land

The Altes Land, part of the Elbmarsch south of the Elbe in Hamburg and in Lower Saxony, also has plenty of orchards with an abundance of cherry blossoms. From the end of April, the numerous cherry trees transform the area on the Elbe into a white carpet of blossoms.

Among other things, this is celebrated at the annual Altländer Blossom Festival. And a flower barometer informs you when the best time for a hike under the cherry blossoms is.

Berchtesgaden – Kurgarten

In the very south of Germany you can also experience the cherry blossom. At the beginning of May, for example, the Japanese cherry trees in the spa garden in front of the congress center are in full bloom and attract visitors. Because the Alps in the background offer another very special photo motif.

Incidentally, due to the location of Berchtesgaden, the Kurgarten is one of the last places where cherries bloom in Germany.

How to get there: with the bus line 840, stop Schiesstättbrücke | You can park in the Maximilianstraße underground car park, among other places

Würzburg – Hofgarten

The courtyard garden on the south side of the Würzburg Residence is also wrapped in a pink veil of cherry blossoms every April. You can visit the garden for free, even if it belongs to the residence. So nothing stands in the way of enjoying the flowers.

How to get there: by bus line 471, 472, 491, 492, 511, 554, 560 – Residenzplatz station | You can also park on the Residenzplatz

Dusseldorf – Japanese Garden

Of course, the Japanese Garden in Düsseldorf should not be missing from the list. This is located in the Nordpark and invites you to relax and be amazed.

If you haven’t had enough of cherry blossoms after that, you should stop by Zietenstraße. A sea of flowers is also waiting for you there.

How to get there: by subway line U78, U79 – Nordpark station | You can also park directly at the Nordpark

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Dresden – bank of the Elbe

On the Neustädter Elbufer in Dresden between Rosengarten and Marienbrücke you can also stroll wonderfully under the cherry trees and forget the world. Thousands of flowers are waiting for you here. You can also enjoy the wonderful view of the silhouette of Dresden.

How to get there: Depending on where you want to go on the banks of the Elbe, there are various options for using public transport

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Frankfurt – Garden of Heavenly Peace

The Chinese Garden in Bethmannpark in Frankfurt also lures with a sea of cherry blossoms. Together with the Asian flair, the right atmosphere comes up here.

And on the banks of the Main, too, the wonderful trees with their blossoms appear again and again. A walk here is especially fun in the spring.

How to get there: via tram lines 12 and 18, Hessendenkmal station | Parking in the multi-storey car park at the court

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More Cherry blossoms in Germany

There are still so many places to see the cherry blossoms. Therefore there is a small list at the end:

Kaiserslautern – Japanese Garden
Mönchengladbach – Colorful Garden
Munster – Schulstrasse
Bergstrasse – perfect for a road trip
Munich – among other things in the Olympic Park (click here for the detailed report by Phototravellers)
Kiel – Knooper way
Erfurt – Hanseatic Square
Leverkusen – Japanese Garden
Göttingen – cherry tree avenue