6 Most Beautiful Spring Destinations in Germany (2023)

You will find quite a few spring travel destinations in Germany that are really worthwhile. Spring is my favorite season of the year. Every year in spring, I love traveling through Germany. And so, I have collected a few ideas for your next trip.

Hiking in Bavaria

The southern federal state is ideal for a demanding or relaxed hiking tour. You are out and about during the day and can relax in your hut in the evening and let the evening fade away.

How about a trip to the Bavarian Allgäu? If you like, you can climb many meters of altitude here, enjoy relaxed bike tours or see the medieval towns and villages, which impress with their picturesque market squares, castles, palaces and churches.

My tip: In Bavaria it gets really warm and sunny even in spring. So be sure to pack sunscreen.

Cherry blossoms in Bonn

Next on my list of the most beautiful Spring destinations in Germany is Bonn. In spring, the former federal capital blooms in a sea of cherry blossoms. Annually, this attraction attracts thousands of tourists who come to the city.

Bonn’s old town then unfolds its full effect and invites you to linger. If you like, you can combine a visit to Bonn with an extensive tour of the city’s many museums.

A little tip: the museum mile is one of the largest museum groups in Europe. Here you can easily hop from one art exhibition to the next.

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Spring in Germany

Wellness at the Baltic Sea

If you would like to have it a little more comfortable, you should think about a short break in a wellness hotel on the Baltic Sea.

Not only do you relax with a massage, sauna and thermal baths, but you also have the sea right in front of you. And what’s nicer than a long walk by the water?

By the way, the brave can also go into the floods when the temperatures are colder. In May, the water temperature is already an average of 12 degrees.

Tours in the Black Forest

Southwest Germany has a lot to offer. How about a trip to the Black Forest? The Kaiserstuhl area already has the first blooming almond trees. Here you can marvel at the inviting wine terraces and go on a hike or bike tour.

My tip: The historic old town of Endingen is definitely worth a visit when you are in the Kaiserstuhl.

A trip to the Eifel

The German part of the low mountain range stretches across the federal states of Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia. The Hohe Acht is the highest mountain in the Eifel and a popular starting point for passionate hikers.

My tip: If you want to enjoy the view over the Eifel, you should also pay a visit to the Kaiser Wilhelm Tower. In good weather conditions, you can even see the Taunus from there.


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Enjoy the tranquility on Borkum

A detour to the East Frisian islands of the North Sea is also worthwhile in spring.

Borkum offers the most extensive beach, which is 26 kilometers long. Anyone who loves long walks will definitely get their money’s worth here.

My tip: Borkum has a total of 5 lighthouses. One of them is even in the town center. From there you can enjoy the calming view over the island.

6 Most Beautiful Spring Destinations in Germany

  • Hiking in Bavaria
  • Cherry blossoms in Bonn
  • Wellness at the Baltic Sea
  • Tours in the Black Forest
  • A trip to the Eifel
  • Enjoy the tranquility on Borkum