20 Best Places to Visit in Germany (2023)

I invite you to discover the 20 most beautiful travel destinations in Germany. Get to know Germany from a whole new perspective.

Holidays in Germany have been very popular. Tourists from everywhere come to the North Sea, Baltic Sea or the German Alps every year.


The North Sea islands are among the most popular holiday destinations in Germany.

Which island you choose as your travel destination also depends on your personal taste. However, I recommend the beautiful North Sea island of Pellworm. You won’t find any typical North Sea beaches here, but spacious landscapes and green meadows.

Sheep and cows graze on the dikes, and of course there is also a lighthouse and thatched houses.

On Pellworm you will find the ideal island. Here you can spend a relaxing holiday in Germany and forget the stress of everyday life at home.

Tips for a holiday on the North Sea Island of Pellworm

  • Enjoy the view from the Pellworm lighthouse.
  • Explore Pellworm by bike.
  • Leave your cell phone at home and enjoy a vacation without social media and email terror.

Tropical Islands

Another travel destination in Germany that has developed into a popular holiday and excursion destination in recent years is Tropical Islands.

In the huge air dome, where zeppelins were once supposed to be built, you can now lounge under tropical palm trees by the water at suitable temperatures.

Relax at the lagoon, walk through the tropical rainforest or soar in the hall with balloons. Enjoy one of the 7 saunas at Tropical Islands on over 10,000 square meters of wellness area. Or discover the Tropical Islands Fitness Club and work up a sweat.

There are also lots of fun experiences for the little ones: Germany’s highest water slide tower, a water slide playground, mini gold and much more.

At Tropical Islands you can expect more of a tropical amusement park than a typical adventure pool.

Tips for a visit to Tropical Islands

  • Let yourself drift through the AMAZONIA outdoor area in the 250 meter long flow channel.
  • Use your visit to Tropical Islands for a day trip to Berlin.
  • Climb the highest slide tower in Germany. You can go up to 70 km/h on the turbo slide.

Saar Loop

Are you looking for a particularly romantic destination for your vacation in Germany?

Then we recommend the Saar loop. It is one of the most popular attractions in Saarland and is said to be a particularly romantic spot.

From the Cloef vantage point, which is around 180 meters above the river, you have a fantastic view of the idyllically curved Saar and the surrounding forest-covered landscape.

You can also combine a visit to the Saarschleife with a hike. There are many hiking trails in the region that predestine the region for an active holiday in Germany.

Tips for a trip to the Saarschleife

  • Visit the treetop path at the Saar loop. This is even higher than the Cloef vantage point.
  • Combine your visit to the Saar loop with a city trip to Trier or Saarbrücken.
  • You can also go high in the Merzig climbing park. Experience thrills in the high ropes course.

Lake Constance

In the very south of Germany you will find the popular holiday region around Lake Constance. This offers you the opportunity to spend a nice bathing holiday at the lake for your time in Germany.

But you can also explore the region by bike and discover the region on the many paths around Lake Constance.

Worth seeing – a boat takes you to the romantic Flower Island of Mainau. Here you can go for a walk in a flower paradise and see the colorful butterflies up close in a butterfly house.

The town of Lindau with its many small streets and romantic harbor is also worth seeing.

Tips for a holiday on Lake Constance

  • Take a trip to the city of Constance.
  • Visit the stilt houses in Unteruhldingen and the New Castle in Meersburg.
  • A trip to the Ravensburger Spieleland is worthwhile on a family holiday.

Teutoburg Forest

We recommend the legendary area of the Teutoburg Forest in Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia for your holiday in Germany.

Here the Germans are said to have defeated the Romans in the year nine AD and drove them out of the Germanic areas beyond the Rhine.

The 26.57 m high Hermann monument on the Grotenburg near Detmold is a reminder of this to this day.

A natural spectacle worth seeing that you will find in the Teutoburg Forest are the Externsteine. These 15 chalk sandstone cliffs form a massive rock formation and are among the most popular natural monuments in Germany.

The Teutoburg Forest is also a popular hiking region and is becoming increasingly popular for wellness, rehabilitation and health tourists.

Tips for a holiday in the Teutoburg Forest

  • Explore the natural wonder of the Externsteine. A special cultural-historical significance is ascribed to them.
  • Visit the ruins of Falkenburg Castle. The ruins were built from around 1190 and abandoned again in the 16th century.
  • Visit the many other castles in the region. For example the Tatenhausen moated castle, Rheda moated castle or the Tonenburg.


The Saxon state capital is perfect for a holiday in Germany.

You can see many historic buildings here and go shopping in the beautiful city center.

You can also cycle or walk along the Elbe.

Steamboat trips on the Elbe, where you pass the Elbe Castles in Dresden, are also particularly popular.

The highlights Semperoper and Dresden Zwinger, built next to each other, are particularly impressive.

The baroque Zwinger was built in 1709 as a festival area and orangery.

In the museum you will find the gallery of the old masters, the mathematical-physical salon and an extensive porcelain collection.

Our tips for a city trip to Dresden

  • Visit the Dresden Frauenkirche.
  • Also visit the nearby Saxon Switzerland.
  • Stroll through the streets and let yourself be enchanted by “Florence on the Elbe”.

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The Spreewald is the perfect travel destination for you if you want to be active on holiday and be out in nature at the same time.

Whether as a couple, family with children or sprightly pensioners.

On the wide river branching of the Spree you can go canoeing in the unique landscape of the Spreewald or take a boat ride.

You can just as well let yourself be pampered in the Spreewald and use a wide range of wellness offers.

Many hotels here specialize in wellness activities.

Relax with baths, massages and beauty treatments.

Ride the cucumber cycle path or the Spree cycle path through the region and enjoy the unique landscape.

Our tips for a holiday in the Spreewald

  • Visit the Spreewald at Easter time, then you can discover the beautiful Sorbian Easter eggs everywhere.
  • Visit the cities of Lübbenau and Lübben.
  • Use your holiday in the Spreewald for a day trip to the capital Berlin.


Harz is becoming more and more popular as a holiday region, because a holiday in the Harz is comparatively cheap. Countless half-timbered houses, stalactite caves and a number of family-friendly attractions such as the Hexentanzplatz near Thale await you.

The low mountain range is largely in Saxony-Anhalt and Lower Saxony, but also stretches into northern Thuringia.

You can ski there in winter or go on long hikes in summer to the highest mountain in the range, the 1,141 m high Brocken.

The area around the Brocken belongs to the Harz National Park and offers you a natural and beautiful landscape.

Here you will find the Harzer-Hexen-Stieg. An almost 100 km long hiking trail that leads through the Harz Mountains and over the Brocken.

A natural spectacle awaits you. Steep cliffs, pristine forests, breathtaking gorges and gently flowing streams.

Our tips for a holiday in the Harz Mountains

  • Cross the Titan RT – the longest cable suspension bridge in the world.
  • Take a day trip to the small town of Wernigerode.
  • Visit the stalactite cave in Iberg or the Rübeland caves.

Europa Park

The Europa-Park in Rust is the most visited amusement park in Germany. It has already been awarded several times as the best amusement park in the world.

The 18 detailed themed areas of the park are designed in the style of different European countries.

So you experience a tour of Europe in one day.

And you can still use the many rides in the park and push your adrenaline level to the limit.

Germany’s largest amusement park shines with over 100 attractions, 13 roller coasters and great shows for the whole family.

Ride in rapid roller coasters, hunt through wild water canals or visit the Voletarium.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, you get the impression of flying over the most beautiful sights in the world.

Our tips for visiting Europa-Park

  • Ride in reality on a roller coaster in Europa-Park and at the same time experience a fast-paced tour through a completely different world through VR glasses.
  • Also visit the nearby city of Freiburg im Breisgau (Baden-Württemberg).
  • Experience one of the many entertainment shows offered at Europa-Park.

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Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Picturesque alleys and unique half-timbered houses, that’s what you’ll find in Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Middle Franconia.

The small town in Bavaria is no longer an insider tip, but it is a great holiday destination in Germany for everyone who needs a contrast to the big city.

The old town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber has not lost its originality to this day and you can still experience the Middle Ages and Renaissance almost authentically here.

The small town is particularly beautiful in winter.

The cobbled streets are surrounded by beautiful half-timbered houses and delightful little sights.

You will find restaurants and delicacies everywhere. On Saturday or Wednesday you should definitely not miss the weekly market on the market square.

Our tips for a holiday in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

  • Take a road trip along the Romantic Road (the Romantic Road is signposted).
  • Visit the German Christmas Museum- A must for all Christmas fans who can’t get enough of it the rest of the year either.
  • Also pay a visit to the neighboring town of Bad Mergentheim. It is at least as beautiful as Rothenburg ob der Tauber.


On the Baltic Sea you will find the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula. It stretches from Stralsund to Rostock and is perfect for anyone who wants to spend their holiday in Germany by the sea and in nature.

In Prerow you will find one of the most beautiful beaches in Germany, the western beach of Darß.

This is in the middle of the national park Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft and is known for its bizarrely shaped trees, the “wind fleeing trees”.

Where you can swim wonderfully in summer, you can take long walks in untouched nature in spring and autumn.

The region is also used by Zugvöglen as a rest area.

If you are looking for a natural travel destination in Germany, you have come to the right place.

Our tips for a holiday on Fischland-Darß-Zingst

  • Visit the Natureum and the lighthouse on the west beach.
  • Take a walk through the Darßwald in the middle of the national park.
  • Take a day trip to the cities of Rostock or Stralsund.

Altes Land

The next destination for your holiday in Germany can be found on the Elbe, west of Hamburg.

In the fruit store of the nation, as the Altes Land could also be called, things are typically North German: don’t be hectic.

It is particularly beautiful here in spring, when around 18 million fruit trees are in bloom.

The many half-timbered houses make up the special charm of this region.

They are designated for the architecture of the old country.

The bridal doors are widespread here, artistically decorated wooden doors that can only be opened from the inside: either when the groom carries his bride over the threshold, the dowry is brought into the house or a deceased is brought out of the house.

At least that’s how it used to be.

Our tips for a trip to the Altes Land

  • Visit the beautiful Hanseatic cities of Stade and Buxtehude.
  • Explore the Altes Land by bike. 1,000 kilometers of cycle paths are waiting for you.
  • Visit the Altländer Apple Days from September to November.

Saxon Switzerland

Bizarre rock formations and a breathtakingly beautiful landscape – these two things make Saxon Switzerland near Dresden and a popular travel destination in Germany.

Along the Elbe you will find the rocks and rock formations that make the heart of every hiker beat faster.

The vantage point on the Bastei and the Bastei Bridge in particular are two popular sights in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.

Königstein Fortress and Stolpen Castle are also often visited.

Let yourself be enchanted by the uniqueness of the landscape.

You will be particularly happy here as an active holidaymaker.

Saxon Switzerland is known to climbers for its challenging rocks.


If you go on holiday to Germany, you can’t avoid Berlin.

It’s not just us Germans who love our capital, people from all over the world have been flocking to Berlin for years.

No wonder, because the city enchants you with its very own charm.

Every district in Berlin is different and offers you many highlights.

How about a shopping spree on the Ku’Damm, a tour of the many cafés and second-hand shops in Prenzlauer Berg or a Sunday stroll through the Mauerpark?

History, politics and hipsters come together in Berlin, creating their very own mix.

Our tips for Berlin

  • Visit the dome of the Reichstag. This is free and you will learn a lot about the history of the building and you will be spoiled with a great view.
  • Take a bunker tour with Berliner Unterwelten e. V
  • For families with children (and everyone else), a visit to Zoo Berlin or the Berlin Tierpark is worthwhile during your holiday in Germany.

Island of Ruegen

The largest German island is a popular travel destination in Germany and offers you everything your heart desires for a holiday in Germany.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to spend a romantic weekend trip here for two or whether you are spending your family vacation here.

Swim on the beautiful sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea, hike through the Jasmund National Park and let your gaze wander from the Königsstuhl vantage point over the unique Rügen chalk cliffs.

Nothing stands in the way of an active holiday on Rügen. On the Baltic Sea you will find optimal conditions for windsurfing, kite surfing or sailing.

On land you will find a wide network of cycling and hiking trails.

Another highlight on Rügen is the Sellin pier.

This bridge is surrounded by beach, sea, beach chairs and offers an incredible panoramic view.

Our tips for a holiday on Rügen

  • Visit the white chalk cliffs in the Jasmund National Park on a boat tour.
  • Take a trip to Cape Arkona. The 43 meter high cliff is located on the Wittow peninsula in the north of Rügen. On the cape there are, among other things, two lighthouses and the remains of the Slavic Jaromarsburg.
  • Visit the “Gate to Rügen”, the Hanseatic city of Stralsund.

Neuschwanstein Castle

The fairytale castle in Bavaria is the most popular holiday destination in Germany and attracts around 1.5 million visitors from all over the world every year.

If you want to visit it during your holiday in Germany, then you should bring time and book your tickets online in advance. Because it’s always full here.

So many people are fascinated by the magnificent palace of King Ludwig II.

For him it was the epitome of a medieval castle and he had it built according to his specific ideas.

The furnishing style of King Ludwig II is known for its pompous and sprawling elements.

Our tips for your trip to Neuschwanstein Castle

  • For a special appearance, you can be taken to the castle in a horse-drawn carriage from Füssen.
  • In the nearby town of Füssen you will find the Lechfall, an impressive waterfall.
  • Füssen itself is also a nice destination for your vacation in Germany.


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Therme Erding

For an action-packed holiday in Germany, we recommend the Therme Erding near Munich.

According to its own statement, it is the largest thermal bath in the world and offers you everything you need for a perfect day in an adventure pool.

The thermal bath is divided into six adventure areas.

Children will love the slide paradise with 26 different water slides.

A special highlight is the Rainbow Racer.

Things are a little quieter in the other areas.

In the wave pool there is almost a little sea feeling and in the vital oasis and the vital thermal bath you can relax under tropical palm trees.

Our tips for visiting the Therme Erding

  • Combine your visit to the Therme Erding with a holiday in Munich.
  • Relax in one of the 26 saunas at Therme Erding.
  • Visit the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich or visit the Hellabrunn Zoo.

Berchtesgadener Land

In the very south of our country you will find this beautiful travel destination in Germany.

If you are looking for postcard motifs from the Alps, then you are guaranteed to find them here.

Picturesque lakes, beautiful churches and green meadows – if you would like to hike during your holiday in Germany, then you have come to the right place.

The Berchtesgadener Land National Park is located around the Königssee, which, embedded in the landscape of the Alps, looks more like a Norwegian fjord.

The small pilgrimage church of St. Bartolomä, which you can only reach by water, stands directly on the emerald-green shimmering water.

The journey to the church takes about 30 minutes.

You can get tickets at the Seeland ticket offices.

Our tips for a holiday in the Berchtesgadener Land

  • Take a day hike to the Röthbachfall. The waterfall has a total height of 470 meters.
  • Visit the city of Berchtesgaden and the Berchtesgaden Castle.
  • In the thermal baths of the region you can relax in beautiful bathing and sauna worlds in front of a unique backdrop.


Every year around three million people come to the beautiful city of Heidelberg and spend their holidays here in Germany.

Reason enough for you to set your sights on Heidelberg for your next vacation.

Not only romantic places await you there on the Philosophenweg or the Königsstuhl, but also the castle ruins, which still rise imposingly over the city today.

Heidelberg was spared during World War II, so today you can stroll through the streets of the old town that already existed in the 17th century.

And Heidelberg has another advantage – due to the climate, it is always a bit warmer on the Philosophenweg.

Incidentally, the Philosophenweg is just 2 km long and very steep at the beginning.

At the end, a spectacular view of Heidelberg awaits you.

Visit the Heidelberg Castle and learn more about the impressive history.

Ride the mountain railway up to the Königsstuhl and enjoy the wonderful view over Heidelberg and the Neckar valley.

You can experience a journey into the past when you visit the student prison. Here students had to serve a sentence for minor offenses until 1914. On the walls you will find a variety of inscriptions and pictures that the students left there.

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Cologne Cathedral

It is one of the most popular sights in Germany and is a perfect travel destination for your next vacation at home:

The history of Cologne Cathedral goes back to the year 1248. At that time the foundation stone for the sacred masterpiece was laid. However, it was not completed until 1884.This was partly due to interruptions in the construction of several years.

The cathedral is the third tallest church building in the world and a real gem.

Even if it combines many different styles due to the long construction period, experts consider it to be particularly beautiful and harmoniously designed.

Our tips for a city trip to Cologne

  • Don’t just visit the Cologne Cathedral, but spend a few days in the Rhine metropolis of Cologne.
  • Visit the Cathedral Treasury. Relics, liturgical paintings and many other treasures from the cathedral are exhibited on around 500 square meters.
  • Dedicate yourselves to the Epiphany Shrine. It dates from the end of the 12th century and is considered to be an outstanding piece of goldsmith work from the Middle Ages.

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