13 Top Theme Parks in Germany (2023)

Forget your bad hair day – after a visit to one of these 13 Top Theme Parks in Germany you will be disheveled anyway. It is part of the amusement park experience.

Intense roller coasters, extraordinary shows, family-friendly attractions – there is something for everyone in the family.

There are even some record holders among the roller coasters in German adventure parks.

Europa Park in Rust, Baden-Württemberg

It is the undisputed king of amusement parks in Germany: Europa-Park in Rust, Baden-Württemberg.


  • Most visited & largest amusement park in Germany
  • 18 themed areas (European countries) + Rulantica water world with 27 water slides
  • Adventure park in Germany with the most roller coasters (13)

Up to 5.7 million visitors are guests every year, making it the most visited amusement park in Germany. Ascending trend. A US magazine also voted it the best amusement park in the world for the fourth time in a row.

There are even 13 roller coasters among the more than 60 attractions and rides for children and adults. Only Energylandia in Poland has more roller coasters in Europe.

In addition, there are six 4-star hotels in Europa-Park, festivals and an app that shows the waiting times in front of the roller coasters in real time.

Admission: Adults from €55.00, children from 4 to 11 years from €47.00, children up to 4 years have free entry
Address: Europa-Park-Strasse 2, 77977 Rust

Phantasialand in Bruhl, North Rhine-Westphalia

The amusement park in North Rhine-Westphalia is one of the most visited amusement parks in Germany. Perfect for anyone traveling without a car: the park can be easily reached by public transport from Cologne.


  • Fantissima: Most successful dinner show in Germany
  • Taron: Longest and fastest multi-launch coaster in the world (117 km/h)
  • Steepest white water ride in the world

The six themed areas of the park are designed with a striking love of detail and are reminiscent of walk-in film sets (e.g. China Town, Mexico, Deep Africa). The six themed hotels line up thematically.

Among the attractions in the park are currently six world record holders. These include roller coasters, wild water rides and many more.

There is also a swing carousel, face painting and more. The shows at Phantasialand are also particularly popular.

Admission: Adults €54.50, children from 4 to 11 years €44.50, children up to 3 years have free entry
Address: Berggeiststraße 31-41, 50321 Brühl

Heide Park Resort in Soltau, Lower Saxony

With an area of 850,000 m², Heide Park is the second largest amusement park in Germany. There are over 40 attractions on the site. Among them the fastest wooden roller coaster in Europe at 110 km/h.


  • Colossos: At 60 m high and 1,344 m long, the largest wooden roller coaster in the world
  • Free Fall Towers: Scream at 71 m high and Screamie at 12.6 m high
  • Krake: First dive coaster in Germany

Among the seven roller coasters is a water roller coaster called Krake.

The Heide Park Resort also offers family-friendly attractions such as swing boats, mountain rafting and roller coasters for children.

The adventure park in northern Germany also has a hotel, a holiday camp and a fun pool.

Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen, Lower Saxony

In the Serengeti Park Experience a real safari feeling in the middle of northern Germany. ´

Drive through the steppe in your own car or on a bus tour and experience majestic animals like giraffes up close.


  • Adventure feeling on a safari – if you like, you can use your own car
  • 500 animals like lions, tigers, giraffes and zebras
  • Amusement park area with around 40 family-friendly attractions

In the second theme area of the jungle safari, around 20 different species of monkeys live in freely accessible enclosures.

Justin Bieber’s Monkey:
German customs confiscated the singer’s white-faced capuchin monkey at Munich Airport in 2013. Today he lives in Serengeti Park.

Visitors drive through the site in an open all-terrain vehicle. Part of the route is prepared as an off-road route with special effects.

In the third theme world, the adventure safari, you will find attractions such as a water ride, a free fall tower, roller coasters and other rides for all age groups.

Admission: Adults pay 36.50 euros, children from 3 to 12 years pay 26.50 euros, dogs may be taken into the park free of charge and on a leash
Address: Am Safaripark 1, 29693 Hodenhagen

Holiday Park in Hassloch, Rhineland-Palatinate

Since opening in 1971, the Holiday Park in Hassloch has grown into one of the most popular adventure parks in Germany.


  • Expedition GeForce: One of the largest roller coasters in Europe
  • Sky Scream Catapult Coaster
  • Water playgrounds and rafting

The amusement park in Rhineland-Palatinate offers suitable offers for adrenaline fans, adventurous grandparents and curious children.

Childhood heroes like Maya the Bee or Vicky the Viking also remind many parents of their childhood.

On special dates such as Halloween, the park is transformed into a themed area with events.

Admission: Adults and young people from a height of 1.40 m grind €38.50, visitors between one meter and 1.40 m tall pay €33.50
Address: Holiday Park-Str. 1-5, 67454 Hassloch

Hansa Park in Sierksdorf, Schleswig-Holstein

The Hansa Park in Sierksdorf is the only amusement park in Germany right by the sea. There are around 125 attractions to discover in the amusement park on the Baltic Sea. You can even see the sea from some of the rides.


  • Perfect family attraction on a holiday in the Bay of Lübeck
  • Hyper-Coaster Kärnan: 127 km/h fast roller coaster with backward fall
  • Highest free fall tower in the world with tilting seats: 103 m drop height and 120 km/h

The park offers an exceptionally wide range of rides that are suitable for children while also entertaining adults. Free fall tower, wild water rides, swings, chain carousel and adventure playgrounds – everything is included.

The park also includes the Hansa-Park Resort, where you can spend the night in one of four existing house types right on the Baltic Sea in the midst of picturesque nature.

Tripsdrill Adventure Park in Cleebronn/Tripsdrill, Baden-Württemberg

The amusement park in Baden-Württemberg, with its 100 rides and 50 animal species in the wildlife park area (including bears and wolves), is becoming more and more popular with amusement park fans. Good this way.


  • Karacho catapult roller coaster: from 0 to 100 km/h in 1.6 seconds
  • Bath tub flume and wash tub rafting
  • Wildlife paradise with 50 animal species (including bears, lynxes, otters)

The combination of amusement park and wildlife enclosure and petting zoo has already secured Tripsdrill a number of prizes.

Above all, the fair entrance fees, the rustic accommodation (tree houses) and the surroundings (in the forest between vineyards) catch the eye.

Admission: adults €37.00, children from 4 to 11 years €31.00
Address: Erlebnispark-Tripsdrill-Strasse 1, 74389 Cleebronn/Tripsdrill

Movie Park in Bottrop, North Rhine-Westphalia

In the Movie Park in Bottrop, everything revolves around the theme of film. Not only action shows with real professionals await you, but also full-fledged roller coasters.


  • MP Xpress: Looping track where the legs hang freely
  • The Bandit: Germany’s oldest wooden roller coaster
  • Area 51: Alien themed roller coaster

When you visit Movie Park, you can expect regularly changing shows in different parts of the park.

You will also find an extensive range of rides here, from fast roller coasters and wild water rides to child-friendly rides that are a bit quieter.

Particularly popular are the MP Xpress in the Old West area and Van Helsing’s Factory, a roller coaster with elements of a ghost train in the Streets of New York area.

Plohn amusement park in Lengenfeld, Saxony

The Plohn amusement park in Vogtland was created in 1996 from a trout farm, which the owner gradually equipped with various attractions.

The Plohn amusement park had its first roller coaster back in 2000. Since then, five more rides and many other rides have been added.


  • Wooden roller coaster El Toro: 28 m high and 75 km/h fast
  • Combination of wild water ride and ghost train
  • Dynamite looping track: 40 m high Big Dipper Coaster

The park is divided into eight themed worlds and now has around 80 attractions.

You can experience exciting roller coaster rides in the western town or let yourself be enchanted in the fairytale forest.

In the climbing village, the little guests can let off steam to their heart’s content. An encounter with life-size dinosaurs takes place in Dinoland.

Legoland Germany in Günzburg, Bavaria

Finally playing unabashedly with Lego bricks again! Legoland Germany is one of the most child-friendly amusement parks in the country and received a corresponding award in 2012.


  • Miniature landscape made from over 25 million Lego bricks
  • Eight subject areas, including a pyramid rally
  • Underwater world Atlantis with submarine ride

The 14-hectare park area in Günzburg has the motto “Experience the Adventure!” and has been divided into eight themed areas, including the land of pirates and the kingdom of the pharaohs, as well as the Lego Mindstorms Center, where children can program their own robots.

There are also attractions and rides suitable for younger children that are also fun for adults. Legoland is one of the most popular amusement parks in Bavaria.

Ravensburger Spieleland in Meckenbeuren, Baden-Württemberg

The Ravensburger Spieleland on Lake Constance sees itself as a leisure and theme park for families with children between the ages of two and 12.


  • Large slide tower with wave slide, free fall slide and tunnel slide
  • White water rafting Alpine rafting
  • Numerous balancing and climbing offers

The amusement park is divided into eight themed worlds. A total of 70 attractions are waiting to be discovered by you.

You can let off steam in oversized Ravensburger games such as “Crazy Labyrinth” or “Tempo, little snail”, in the green oasis everything revolves around the adventurous life on the farm.

There is also a holiday village in the amusement park.

Belantis in Leipzig, Saxony

The amusement park Belantis near Leipzig was opened in 2003 and is therefore still quite young.

It is the first amusement park of this size in East Germany and is constantly expanding its range and orientation as an adventure kingdom with 60 attractions.


  • Roller coaster Huracan: Extreme roller coaster with a vertical descent
  • Drachenritt Roller Coaster: Family-friendly roller coaster with a knight theme
  • Curse of the Pharaoh: White water rafting through huge pyramid

The wild water ride “Curse of the Pharaoh”, where you throw yourself from Europe’s largest pyramid, or the various roller coasters are particularly popular.

Belantis is divided into a total of eight subject areas.

In March 2018, the park was taken over by Spanish investors. They not only run Movie Park Bottrop, but over 60 amusement parks in 14 countries.

Playmobil FunPark in Zirndorf, Bavaria

The Playmobil FunPark near Fürth is the little sister of Legoland. The offer in this amusement park for children is especially interesting for young children.


  • Huge indoor climbing garden
  • Go-kart course
  • Pirate lake with boat

The park is divided into themed areas such as the Wild West or the Middle Ages. The adventure park resembles attractions such as paddle boats, bouncy cushions and sliding and climbing elements in a huge adventure playground.

There are no mini roller coasters, but admission to the amusement park is comparatively cheap and the play areas are very imaginative and varied.

Admission: high season May to early September €12.90
Address: Brandstätterstrasse 2-10, 90513 Zirndorf

German amusement parks for different target groups

In which amusement parks in Germany are dogs allowed?

Hundreds of people, screaming passengers and loud roller coasters: For many dogs, visiting amusement parks is pure stress.

A visit with a dog is not allowed in many German amusement parks. In some adventure parks it is still possible to take your four-legged friend with you on a leash.

As a rule, dogs are also permitted in the restaurants. Keep in mind that dogs are not allowed to be left on a leash unattended while riding a roller coaster.

Top 10 amusement parks in Germany with dogs

Hansa Park Sierksdorf
Holiday Park – no attack dogs
Heath Park Resort
Phantasialand – no attack dogs, no access to restaurants
Allgaeu Skyline Park Rammingen
Belantis Leipzig, no fighting dogs
Stukenbrock Safari Park
Europa-Park – no attack dogs, there is a kennel nearby
Adventure Park Tripsdrill
Plohn amusement park
The most beautiful adventure parks in Germany for families with small children

A large amusement park has the advantage that the attractions there are designed for different age groups – ideal for families with children of different ages. Young and old alike have fun here.

However, if you only go to an adventure park with small children, you have different demands on a park; e.g. short waiting times in front of attractions, sufficient toilets, snack bars and rest areas.

Entertainment for the adult companions should also be provided.

Top 10 amusement parks for toddlers

Ravensburger Spieleland, Baden-Wuerttemberg
Legoland, Bavaria
Amusement Park Plohn, Saxony
Wonderland Kalkar, North Rhine-Westphalia
Rasti-Land, Lower Saxony
Playmobil FunPark, Bavaria
Karl’s adventure village, adventure villages, for example in Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein
Panorama Park Sauerland, North Rhine-Westphalia
Eifel Park, Rhineland-Palatinate
Serengeti Park, Lower Saxony
The best roller coasters for speed fans

The 10 fastest roller coasters in Germany

Imagine you are driving at 130 km/h on the highway in a convertible without a windscreen. Add a few more loops and you can imagine what a ride on the fastest roller coasters in German amusement parks feels like.

Silver Star, Europa-Park: 127 km/h
Oath of Kärnan, Hansa-Park: 127 km/h
Expedition GeForce, Holiday Park: 120 km/h
Taron, Phantasialand: 117 km/h
Colossos, Heide Park Resort: 110 km/h
Sky Wheel, Skyline Park: 105 km/h
Octopus, Heide Park Resort: 103 km/h
Desert Race: Heide Park Resort: 102 km/h
Wodan Timbur Coaster, Europa-Park: 100 km/h
Curse of Novgorod, Hansa Park: 100 km/h