16 Beautiful Nudist Beaches in Germany (2023)

Whether on German bathing lakes or on the coasts: you will find nudist beaches everywhere in Germany. The tradition of nudism in Germany is over 100 years old.

In 1898 the first nudist club was founded in Essen. In the 1970s, the movement experienced a real boom in East and West Germany.

Even if this has weakened somewhat to this day, there are still countless designated nudist beaches in Germany.

We will show you the best nudist beaches in Germany, which are also perfect as holiday destinations in Germany.

Bird view from very high up of a nudist beach in Germany. There is the sea, the beach and some green trees, a pool close by a big house.
Beautiful Nudist Beaches in Germany

Nudist Beaches on the Baltic Sea

There are a particularly large number of nudist beaches on the German Baltic Sea.

Especially in the GDR, people liked to swim naked here or spend the day on the beach.

Would you like to spend your next nudist holiday on the Baltic Sea? Then find out which Baltic Sea island suits you best.

Nudist Beach Wallnau, Fehmarn

Not far from the Wallnau nature reserve you will find the nudist beach Wallnau on the west coast of Fehmarn. If you like camping, you can stay at the adjacent beach campsite.

However, the campsite is not textile-free. If you decide to go to Wallnau’s nudist beach, you should think about bathing shoes, because the beach is more of a natural beach and the entry into the water is quite rocky.

Prerow, Fischland-Darss-Zingst Peninsula

The northern beach of Prerow on the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Germany and is also a popular bathing spot for nudists.

Since the beach slopes very gently into the water, it is also perfect for children and seniors.

If you walk further down the beach, you will come to the Darßer Forest and the west beach.

This is best known for its bizarrely shaped trees, the “wind fleeing trees”.

Wulfener Hals Nudist Beach, Fehmarn

This nudist beach is located on the beautiful Baltic Sea island of Fehmarn.

On one side stretches the Baltic Sea, on the other side of the Wulfener Hals the Burger Binnensee.

On the beach you will find an extra section for those who want to lie in the sun without a cover.

You can either spread out on the sandy beach or retreat to the dunes, where it’s usually a little quieter.

Part of the shore is a green lawn. Here, however, clothing is compulsory and it is a bit busier and louder than between the dunes or on the sandy beach.

Nudist Beach Zempin, Usedom

The stretch of beach between Koserow and Zempin on the Baltic Sea island of Usedom is the best-known nude beach on the popular holiday island.

Here you can move in certain sections in Adam’s costume on the beach. As everywhere on Usedom, the beach has fine sand and slopes gently into the water. That’s how you get that real Caribbean feeling.

But you can also mingle with the nudists in bathing suits. The borders are not so strict here and all visitors are considerate of each other.

Schoenberg-California, Schleswig-Holstein

In the Schönberg district of California (it’s right next to Brazil, where else?) you’ll find another of the most popular nudist beaches in Germany.

Protected by dunes, you can indulge in nudism undisturbed on this stretch of beach.

You can not only sunbathe undisturbed here, but also play volleyball naked or pursue other beach sports.

In the immediate vicinity you will find holiday homes for rent right on the Baltic Sea coast. With good planning, your paths to the nudist beach are short here.

The beach is a fine sandy beach with the typical dune belt. So you can feel good all around.

Schaabe, Rügen

With a length of ten kilometers, it is probably the largest and most well-known nudist beach in Germany.

The Schaabe stretches from Glowe to Breege-Juliusruh on the island of Rügen.

You can bask in the sun uncovered on the fine sand of the beach or take a refreshing dip in the Baltic Sea.

The Schaabe, which is a spit between the two peninsulas of Jasmund and Wittow, has been one of the most popular nudist areas on Rügen and in Germany for many years. Along the beach you will find some paid parking spaces and a paved bike path leads along the beach.

You can reach it quickly and easily either by bike or car. The closer you get to Glowe or Juliusruh, the more textile bathers you will encounter.

However, nude and textile bathers often mix without any problems.

Nudist Beaches on the North Sea

People also like to swim uncovered on the German North Sea and on its islands. Visit a naturist campsite and relax in the beautiful surroundings of the dunes.

We show you the best nudist beaches in the German North Sea. If you have not yet been able to decide on a North Sea island, we will be happy to help you.

Take the test and find out which North Sea island suits you.

Nudist Beach Hörnum, Sylt

At the southern tip of Sylt you will find the beaches of Hörnum. The first nudist beach opened here in 1920 and even today around a third of Sylt holidaymakers prefer to sunbathe without swimwear.

A large number of the beach sections here are marked as nudist beaches. But you will also find textile beaches and dog beaches.

In the Hörnum-Odde, the beautiful dune landscape on the southern tip of Sylt, you can also find a perfect quiet spot or go for a walk. But you’d better do it with your clothes on.

As a special highlight you will find a beach sauna right on the nudist beach of Hörnum. Here you can relax in the beautiful dune landscape in a bio sauna or a classic Finnish sauna.

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Nudist Beaches on Amrum

People have always liked to bathe naked on Amrum, so there are still a large number of nudist tourists on the North Sea island today.

They particularly like to use the nudist campsite in Amrum, which is located in the dunes of the nature reserve.

By the way: Nudism is as much a part of Amrum as the traditional beach huts that are built here every season from flotsam. Here not only clothes but also the car are not used. But not only the beach section of the campsite is textile-free, many other sections of the 1.5 kilometer wide Amrumer Kniepsand are designated as nudist beaches.

Thanks to the spaciousness, you are guaranteed not to get in anyone’s way. But otherwise, nudists on Amrum are nothing to get excited about.

Nudist Beach Borkum

You will find an extensive nudist beach including a nudist area in the dunes of Borkum on the north coast of the East Frisian island of Borkum.

The natural beach is wide and has fine sand. Dogs are also allowed on this stretch of beach.

You can retreat to the beach chairs or tents set up and enjoy Borkum’s wonderful sea climate to the fullest.

In the dune area, right next to a landscape conservation area, you can rent small slugs for your perfect day on the nudist beach. However, dogs are not allowed in this section.

A special highlight on the nudist beach of Borkum is the beach sauna. It is open from May to mid-September.

Nudist Beach Norderney

On the beautiful North Sea island of Norderney there are a large number of beaches that offer something for every holidaymaker, whether as a family, hipster couple or just as a nudist.

The “Oase” beach section on Norderney is reserved for friends of nudism. Here you can rent small beach huts on the wide sandy beach and spend your day in harmony with nature.

You will also find sanitary facilities, cafés and changing rooms on the beach. You will also find a sauna right on the beach.

After a visit to the sauna, you can cool off with a swim in the North Sea and then relax on the loungers.

Pile Wall West Beach, Spiekeroog

On the East Frisian island of Spiekeroog you will also find a beautiful stretch of beach that is one of the most beautiful nudist beaches in Germany. Here you can swim uncovered without hesitation and tan without leaving streaks.

Around 90 percent of visitors to the west beach are naturists. Even if the beach is not officially advertised as a nudist beach, nudism has established itself here over many years and is accepted by the island administration. The sandy beach is wide and covered with fine sand.

In the adjoining dune landscape you can withdraw a little if it gets a little too crowded at the water front.

The best way to reach the beach is by bike or with the museum horse tram, which is still in use on Spiekeroog.

Access to the beach is at the terminus of the horse tram.

Nudist Beaches at Bathing Lakes

Not only on the German North Sea and Baltic Sea can you stay and bathe on many nudist beaches like God created you on the beach, but also on many German bathing lakes.

So you don’t have to travel long distances to visit nudist beaches in Germany.

Ploetzensee, Berlin

Near the Tegel Airport in Berlin you will find the beautiful Plötzensee. You have to pay an entrance fee for the lido, where the nudist beach is also located.

Opening hours: Always from May to mid-September.

You are provided with sanitary facilities and various snacks.

It can get quite crowded here in summer, but everyone has found a place on the extensive sandy beach and on the sunbathing lawn between the trees on the shore.

Incidentally, the long wooden walkway that encloses the swimming area is particularly popular with visitors.

Because here you still have sun until the afternoon, while the rest of the lido is already in the shade.

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Lake Cospuden, Saxony

Another nudist beach in Germany can be found at Lake Cospuden in Saxony, south of Leipzig.

The Cospudener See belongs to the Leipziger Neuseenland, former opencast mines, which are now a popular local recreation area.

The nudist beach is officially designated on the northern shore of the lake, but nudity is also tolerated in other parts of the lake.

At Lake Cospuden you have the choice between sandy beaches, natural beaches and extensive sunbathing areas, protected by a few trees.

You can cycle or inline skate around the lake on a paved path and experience a beautiful day around Lake Cospuden.

Between the trees you can see some of the rides from the Belantis amusement park, which is only a few kilometers away. It is one of the most beautiful amusement parks in Germany.

Feldwieser Winkel, Chiemsee, Bavaria

The only designated nudist beach in the Chiemgau can be found directly at the Feldwieser Winkel on Lake Chiemsee, the largest lake in Bavaria.

The Schwögler nudist beach at the lake is subject to a fee, but you can move around undisturbed undisturbed all day and do many activities.

An approximately 800 meter long and fine sandy beach is available to you as well as well-groomed sunbathing areas.

You will also find showers, toilets, gastronomic offers and a children’s playground there.

If you don’t just want to work on your seamless tan and hop in the water of Lake Chiemsee, you can also play volleyball or table tennis at this nudist beach in Germany.

Outdoor chess and a bocce court are also waiting for you.

Zieselmaar, North Rhine-Westphalia

The Zieselmaar between Kerpen and Hürth in North Rhine-Westphalia is a lake left over from lignite mining and is now completely managed by the local nudist club “Erftland Ville e. V.” leased.

The entire area with the beach, sports fields and children’s playgrounds is reserved exclusively for non-nude guests. Here you can move freely all day long. Off-season, the site is used for sporting events.

The association also organizes nudist runs and other events.

On the premises you can play volleyball, try your hand at basketball or table tennis and take a walk around the five-hectare bathing lake.

Sanitary facilities and gastronomic service complete the offer. The water of the lake is colored red-orange because of its high iron content, which is why you can only see a few centimeters.

Diving is therefore not possible in the lake, but it is perfect for swimming.

Nudist Summer Bath in Volksdorf, Hamburg

In Hamburg, right on the border with Schleswig-Holstein, is the Volksdorf summer swimming pool, which is managed by the Hamburger Bund für Freikörperkultur und Familiensport e. V. is operated.

However, you don’t necessarily have to swim naked in the natural pool, even “buttoned-up” bathers are welcome on the beach in the nudist pool.

It is the only nudist bath in Hamburg. You can do a few laps in the natural lake or do sports.

In addition to its activities as a club for nudism, you can also practice various sports in the club.

At the natural lake you will find a sunbathing area under trees, showers, toilets and a snack bar as well as a sauna.

This is available to all visitors during the bathing season from May to September.

In the winter months it may only be used by club members.

If you are not quite sure whether you want to drop your covers, the Volksdorf summer pool offers you the right environment to make a spontaneous decision.

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Nudist Etiquette

So that there is no embarrassment or misunderstandings when bathing nude on German beaches, we have put together a few nudist rules for you, a little nudist etiquette, so to speak.

The first rule for nudist bathing is very clear: you have to be naked.

At most designated nudist beaches in Germany, clothed bathers are not welcome and are often asked to please undress.

If you are not yet sure whether you really want to show yourself completely uncovered in front of other people, then it is better to choose a mixed, clothed and nudist beach. On Usedom, one of Germany’s nudist paradises, you will find several mixed beaches.

It is particularly important for nudists not to confuse nudity with sex or eroticism.

No one wants to be stared at, scrutinized up or down, or teased about, especially on a naturist beach.Of course you look around at the beginning or you can’t avoid looking at others.

However, you should pull yourself together here and concentrate better on the sea and the beautiful landscape.

Sex on the nudist beach is taboo!!!

Don’t take photos! In times of smartphones, selfies and social media, it is quite normal to extensively photograph yourself and your whereabouts.

However, you should make sure that only you or the landscape can be seen in the snapshot.

It’s best to put the cell phone away after a few photos, because especially on the nudist beach, many people react sensitively to permanent snaps.

Incidentally, this rule applies to you twice, because you don’t want to appear naked in other people’s holiday photos or even on the Internet.

Even if the beach is full, make sure you keep a sufficient distance from your neighbors.

Even on a textile beach, nobody would want to cuddle with a stranger. It’s no different with nudists.

Don’t forget the towel! A towel is mandatory, not only to keep the sand off some parts of the body, but also for hygiene reasons. For example, if you sit down on a chair at a beach bar, you should place the towel between your skin and the seat. And even if you are on your way to a snack bar or even a restaurant, it is better to put on a towel.

Tip: You play it safe when you put your clothes back on for a visit to the restaurant.

16 Beautiful Nudist Beaches in Germany (2023)

Nudist Beaches on the Baltic Sea

  • Nudist Beach Wallnau, Fehmarn
  • Prerow, Fischland-Darss-Zingst Peninsula
  • Wulfener Hals Nudist Beach, Fehmarn
  • Nudist Beach Zempin, Usedom
  • Schoenberg-California, Schleswig-Holstein
  • Schaabe, Rügen

Nudist Beaches on the North Sea

  • Nudist Beach Hörnum, Sylt
  • Nudist Beaches on Amrum
  • Nudist Beach Borkum
  • Nudist Beach Norderney
  • Pile Wall West Beach, Spiekeroog

Nudist Beaches at Bathing Lakes

  • Ploetzensee, Berlin
  • Lake Cospuden, Saxony
  • Feldwieser Winkel, Chiemsee, Bavaria
  • Zieselmaar, North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Nudist Summer Bath in Volksdorf, Hamburg